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Monetizeit is a fast growing affiliate network with unique and exclusive deals, net 15 payments, an experienced affiliate management staff, unsurpassed customer support, and a proprietary tracking system. There are 400 live offers ranging from e-mail and zip code submits, to credit and debt, to health and beauty, to dating and education, to finance & payday loans.


The History Of Media Whiz Holdings, LLC? Jason Cohen, President of Media Whiz the parent company of Monetizeit Jason is also the co-founder of Media Whiz announced the release of a beta version of Scribe Fire Quick Ads, online advertising?s first ?point and click? ad optimization technology. As you can see Media Whiz is a huge company with ties into several different fields within affiliate marketing which is a big plus in my eyes.

MonetizingFor example my affiliate manager @ Monetizeit noticed on one of my websites I could do way better with Text Link Ads vs affiliate banner advertisements so they sent email to there sister company text link ads & hooked my site up with more revenue I ever made on any of my sites. The key to being successful is the ability to think outside of the box and that?s just one thing the Media Whiz/Monetize it team have over the competition. With all of their other strengths I know they will continue to prosper.

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