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Monetizeit is a fast growing affiliate network with unique and exclusive deals, net 15 payments, an experienced affiliate management staff, unsurpassed customer support, and a proprietary tracking system. There are 400 live offers ranging from e-mail and zip code submits, to credit and debt, to health and beauty, to dating and education, to finance & payday loans.


The History Of Media Whiz Holdings, LLC? Jason Cohen, President of Media Whiz the parent company of Monetizeit Jason is also the co-founder of Media Whiz announced the release of a beta version of Scribe Fire Quick Ads, online advertising?s first ?point and click? ad optimization technology. As you can see Media Whiz is a huge company with ties into several different fields within affiliate marketing which is a big plus in my eyes.

MonetizingFor example my affiliate manager @ Monetizeit noticed on one of my websites I could do way better with Text Link Ads vs affiliate banner advertisements so they sent email to there sister company text link ads & hooked my site up with more revenue I ever made on any of my sites. The key to being successful is the ability to think outside of the box and that?s just one thing the Media Whiz/Monetize it team have over the competition. With all of their other strengths I know they will continue to prosper.

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Auction Ads Is Back & Running Smothly

Today Im Going To Give AuctionAds Another Shot recently they have been showing improvement i know it would take some time they should of had a longer beta i hope this time the clicks are all counted and real time stats lets get together as webmaster bros and give Auction Ads a second shot.

Update: Auction ads was bought out by Media Whiz. Then they turned the site into Shopping Ads. Now both sites no longer exist. It's crazy how sites come and go these days.