The Living Dot Com

Living Dot ComOver the past several years we've seen the American economy shifting in a variety of ways that many people are having a hard time coming to grips with; jobs are harder to fine than ever before they?re just not there anymore, even for those with a big fancy education and automation is replacing human workers all over the place.

It?s a challenging time for a lot of people, and sometimes I feel a bit as though there?s a feeling of hopelessness when people talk about the economy and the terrible ways this change is affecting their lives; this movie addresses that issue perfectly by presenting people with an alternative to the way we were brought up to think about jobs, the economy and working hard to create a financially independent life for ourselves and our families.

The Living Dot Com brings the new economy out in the open for people and examines it carefully; while we all know that we need a new approach, many of us aren't quite sure what that approach should be and this movie provides clarity around that issue by providing solid examples of how to succeed in the new economy.

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“””Living Dot Com shows how a different approach to work must be taken in this new economy in order to succeed. Jobs may be disappearing but, for many reason discussed in this movie, there has never been an easier or better time to start a business. Creativity is king as many tasks that were expensive (and good jobs) in the past are now low cost due to automation and outsourcing.

This documentary gives an intimate look into the lives of successful Internet entrepreneurs. You will discover how it is now possible to earn over a million dollars a year online, work from the beach during winters, close deals while at a BBQ, or run a business from an IPhone. This new wave of enterprisers truly leverage technology to live a 21st century lifestyle or, as they call it, the “”””Dot Com Lifestyle.”””””””

One of the biggest agents of change over the past decade or so has been technology; tasks that used to pay extremely well are now either outsourced or automated and as a result people are finding that jobs are scarce, but one of the most vital things that people need to realize is that the job market will never go back to the way it was, this is a permanent change and in order to succeed in the new economy, we need to adapt to the new way.

As such, the movie gives us an inspirational view into the lives of those who have embraced and thrived on change; we've all heard about successful Internet entrepreneurs, the ?lucky? ones who earn more than a million dollars a year working from home over the Internet but this movie brings that reality into focus by providing us with an intimate portrait of several of the most passionate and successful Internet entrepreneurs in America today.

You?ll learn how these people have leveraged the power of technology to create an amazing and abundant lifestyle for themselves by using their entrepreneurial spirit, their creativity and their drive to succeed, and you?ll get a first-hand look at how they do it.

But the most important thing you?ll learn is that these people are just like you; this movie combines inspiration with practical advice and information to show you all the ways technology is creating a new global economy that you can be successful in, and to empower you with the knowledge of how to apply your time and talents for huge returns in personal wealth and freedom.

We've all been through a time of massive change and as with any change it?s been unsettling to say the least, people are uncertain in many cases and some have suffered; this movie puts the rise of technology into an entirely new perspective to teach you practical ways that you can fit into the new Internet economy and use technology to adopt a new lifestyle and succeed in ways you've only dreamed of.

I?m passionate about this film and I promise you, it?s one of the most important documentaries of our time; this movie will change the way you view the world around you, and set you on your path to success.

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Affiliate Summit West 2011 Day 2

Day 2 started off early I headed to the exhibit hall. I stopped by BlueGlobalMedia booth and shot a quick Q&A with Chris Kay using my Flip Mino. Chris talked about BlueGlobalMedia and how they recently upped the referral program to 7% . He also talked about how they have?exclusive?offers and publishers do really well with?their?in house offers such as?financial?services, “100 Day Loans” is one of the?biggest?financial?offers out there so be sure to sign up with BlueGlobalMedia.

I ran into some of the wicked fire guys Ad Hustler,Pappa John to name a few. Then I decided to go to leverage your brand for affiliate success session with Jim Kukral. Then headed to the blogger lounge to meet up with Syed Balkhi and John Chow. The three of us decided to go to the SEO ? Ask the Pros session?with Todd Friesen, Greg Bower, Stephan Spencer. They gave some great tips!

SEO ? Ask the Pros ASW11 Session

  1. Avoid domains with more than two hyphens as Google considers them spammy.
  2. Don?t focus too much on exact match keywords. Google is getting good at detecting gaming of exact match keywords.
  3. Never write any post about how good you are doing in Google.

After the Ask The Pros about SEO session I decided to make my last run of the day through the exhibit hall with John Chow & Syed Balkhi. We stopped by the ShareASale booth and John got a record breaking 750 points playing the ski ball game ShareASale had there.

Affiliate Summit West 2011 Day One

Day one of Affiliate Summit West 2011 was pretty awesome. I decided to skip some of the sessions and head for the Meet Market since the Exhibit Hall did not open until Day two of Affiliate Summit West. It was packed. I stopped by the Media Trust booth and hung out with Peter Bordes founder and CEO of Media Trust he talked about?their?new platform for CPC and how this will?benefit?the affiliate industry. I personally think Media Trust is on to something big & will test out?their?new Performance Exchange?CPC bidding platform.

Nick Throlson & Peter Bordes
Nick Throlson & Peter Bordes

After hanging out at the Media Trust booth, I headed to one of my favorite networks booth Blue Global Media. They have grown into an amazing network over the last couple months. If your not with BGM you need to be! I highly recommend them they are very experienced affiliates & test the offers before they go live which is one thing I have not seen any other network do.

Blue Global Media Booth

Later that night I decided to go to the ShareASale Under The Stars Party. I had an amazing time Tryst club was packed John Chow & Syed Balkhi were on the dance floor showing everyone up. Syed decided to start break dancing, good times.

ShareASale Party @ Tryst
ShareASale Under The Stars Party @ Tryst

Overall the first day was a great experience. I met a ton of great networks and entered into every contest at the meet market so wish me luck on winning another Ipad :)

ASW11 Meet Market
ASW11 Meet Market

Click Booth Charity Contest

That's right everyone there is a New Contest With Click Booth. Raising money for charity's below are details this is one contest any affiliate or blogger should not miss.I give Click Booth props for setting up these type of contest one its for a good cause. Second it brings us all together & gives us motivation to work in the affiliate marketing area. So don't let this pass you bye!

ClickBooth Post:

Clickbooth Charity Contest

So here?s how the contest works:

The contest is currently being held across four well-known blogs:,, and and each blogger has chosen a charity that they will be representing.?Clickbooth will be donating 0 to each of the charities no matter what, however YOU have the power to help each of them earn an additional ,000 for their charity.

If all of the new affiliates that sign up to our network through the contest can collectively reach $100,000 in revenue within the two month period, we will donate an additional $1,000 to each charity. Simple as that.

So if you aren?t a publisher of ours yet, sign up and do what you do best ? start making some money! The better you do, the better the charities do, and you will have a HUGE edge in winning the highly sought out Live Like A Super Affiliate Prize package!

Note: When you sign up as a publisher, you MUST input the word ?LiveContest? in the comments section of the sign up form. If you don?t input the code, you WILL NOT be entered in the contest and will be ineligible to win any of the prizes.

Now comes the fun part, The Ultimate Live Like A Super Affiliate Prize Package!

One lucky winner will win the following:

  • Weekend Trip to Sarasota, Florida (Hang out with Clickbooth for the weekend and receive the ultimate Super Affiliate treatment!)
  • 125?125 ad on for 1 Month
  • Guest Post or Product/Service Review on
  • 30 Minute Consulting Call with Super Affiliate Zac Johnson
  • Guest Post on
  • 1 Ticket to Leads Con in Vegas
  • 1 Platinum Pass to Affiliate Summit West
  • An Interview on
  • ? Product/Service Review on
  • ? Membership to Twit Sniper

So what does it take to win this awesome prize package? It all comes down to a point system:

  • Most Revenue During 2 Months of Contest: 40pts
  • Write a post about the contest with a link back to this post: 10pts
  • Video of why you should win the live like a Super Affiliate package: 15pts
  • Follow each Super Affiliate and Clickbooth on Twitter: 5pts (John Chow, Ian Fernando, Zac Johnson, Murray Newlands, Clickbooth.
  • Tweet about contest using the following Tweet: 5pts

I just entered @Clickbooth?s new contest for a chance to Live Like A Super Affiliate! Check it out!

  • Become a Facebook Fan of each blogger and Clickbooth: 5pts
  • Subscribe to CB Blog: 5pts
  • Stumble this post: 5pts

You will need to send an email to by December 10th, stating your FULL NAME, as well as which of the above tasks you completed ?with a link to each (for tracking purposes). Make the subject of the email ?Live Like A Super Affiliate?.

If there is a tie in points, we will randomly draw a winner from the participants that tied. However, if you don?t send an email, your points WILL NOT be counted. Also, this contest is only open to NEW affiliates that have not signed up with our network before.

So I can only win something if I get the most amount of points?

No, there will also be prizes given out to 2 random winners. Prizes are:

? Affiliate Theme by, Unique Blog Designs (1 winner)
? 1 Month Featured Blog or a 468?60 Ad on (1 winner)

Winners of the random prizes will be announced December 18, 2009.