Incapsula Uncompromising Security & Performance for Any Website

Think that enterprise-grade website security and a high-speed is only for the “big guys”? Think again

Through a simple DNS settings change and a process that takes less than 60 seconds, your website traffic can be seamlessly routed through Incapsula?s global network of high-powered servers. The result- incoming traffic is intelligently profiled, in real-time, blocking even the latest web threats from sophisticated SQL injection attacks to malicious bots and intruding comment spammers. Meanwhile, outgoing traffic is accelerated and optimized for faster load times, keeping welcome visitors speeding through. You get the best of both worlds!

If it sounds like some other services you know, dig a bit deeper and you'll see otherwise. With an impressive pedigree (Incapsula is a spin-off of Imperva, a security leader in and of itself) and an extensive knowledge of developing Internet and Data security solutions, for tier-one companies and organizations, Incapsula is able to provide top performance and security to any website, regardless of size, at a fraction of the cost of traditional firewalls.


While you'd think that running your traffic through the Incapsula servers would slow down your site, Incapsula does the contrary. By caching and optimizing your content and delivering it directly from the Internet?s backbone, Incapsula claims that on average, any site will load 40% faster and consume 50% less bandwidth.

Incapsula offers a paid version for commercial sites with PCI compliance, and have just come out with a free version for smaller or personal sites.

My Verdict

I say- give it a try. If you look for a solution that can free up your time, let you concentrate on your true business and make your website work for you, Incapsula seems like the way to go.

And? It's always nice to find a service that gives the big guys a healthy fight.