If These Things Aren’t on Your Website, It Could Be in Trouble!

If These Things Aren’t on Your Website, It Could Be in Trouble!

You know that your website needs content, right? But what about all the other design and UX necessities? Make sure these things are present on your site.

About us

You may not think that too many people would go to the ?about us? page. They just want to see the products, right? Actually, the ?about us? page is one of the most visited pages of any website. People want to know more about your company, website, and staff, not just the products you?re selling. Check out these top about us pages from some of the best businesses on the Internet to see what sort of vibe you should be aiming for.

Search bar

If you?ve got text content on your website, then you should have a search function available there. Don?t rely on a user?s ability or willingness to go to Google and type in your company name and the keyword they want. That just pulls them away from your website and makes them do more work than should be necessary. You can actually get Google?s help adding a search bar, so you don?t have much of an excuse!


Seriously, I?ve been on too many websites that have taken the CSS scrollbar customization way too far and have made it all-but-invisible or barely clickable. If you really want to change what the scroll bar looks like to the user, don?t stray too far away from the ?classic? scroll bar look. There?s a reason it?s bold and prominent in most web browsers.

Consistency in design

Yeah, you know that you should be using images on your website. But how can you make those images seem like consistent, harmonious choices? How can you ensure that they actually get the message across that you want to communicate? You can look into incorporating graphic templates, which can help you tick all of the above boxes. Just make sure that it doesn?t jar with the graphics of the rest of your website!

Contact information

People want to know that they can contact you in some way. Even the people who aren?t actually seeking to contact you will be comforted to know that you?re displaying such information on the website just in case they do need to at some point! A lot of website owners make the mistake of closing themselves off from outside questions or comments, or relying too much on social media accounts. If you?re a business, then this is an even bigger mistake!


Another page that you might underestimate the popularity and usefulness of. Sure, there are websites out there that won?t have too much use for a frequently asked questions page. Blogs may not have much need for them, for example. But if you?re selling a product of a service, then you need to have FAQs. Consumers are going to have a bunch of questions about any such business – even if they?ve used them before, they may be things they?re still uncertain about. An FAQs page may relieve them of the need to contact customer service before making a purchase. ?(Your customer service team may be lovely, but contacting customer service is never that attractive a proposition!)