How To Make It Easier For Google To Like You

How To Make It Easier For Google To Like You

There’s a lot Google doesn’t like when it comes to owning and operating a website, and you’ve always got to be careful about the techniques and methods you use to rank yourself highly on their search pages. But when you do know and understand what Google likes, you’re going to find your content, and your products or services, at the top of the first page without spending any extraneous time or money making sure of it!

And because of that, this post is here to try and shed a little bit more light on the advertising techniques online search engines enjoy the most. You want to be organic with the traffic that comes to you door, and you want to know your website has that kind of natural draw, so let’s go in search of it!

Just a quick Google and the search engine itself can shed some light on your situation. (Unsplash)

Make Use of the Webmaster Tools

There’s nothing like putting Google’s own analytics tools to good use to make sure the engine likes you! If you register your website with the Webmaster tools, you make it a lot easier for Google to find you and put you on the map. After all, when you create a website, it’s not going to be accessible by the billions of internet users immediately – Google has to index you first, and collect all the right kinds of info to return back to common search terms when they’re tapped in.

Once you've registered your new website, make sure you have a good look through the options available for things like arranging page category tabs, and adding in something like a site map. If you can sort your content out, Google doesn’t have to go the extra mile to do it for you! That saves you a lot of time right there.

Have a Long Term SEO Plan

SEO isn’t done overnight, and you’re not going to see results for your website overnight either. You’re not going to wake up suddenly one day and see one of your blog posts at the top of a search engine page, and you’re not going to get any results at all if you only invest in one or two seo techniques every now and then.

Instead, you need a long term seo plan, and you need to be consistent with your use of it. Make sure you know what keywords and phrases are popular right now, and which ones you could employ to get your content recognised as relevant. Even think about getting some professional seo management on your side, as you’re going to have to work for 6+ months at least to be able to watch your advertising efforts pay off!

So, does Google like you or not? Well, only you can say for sure! Depending on your content schedule and management, and the advertising techniques you regularly employ, Google can put you first and foremost when all kinds of search terms are tapped in.