I’ve made $35 using Receipt Hog App on IOS

I’ve made $35 using Receipt Hog App on IOS

Receipts Make Money
Smartphones are devices that people use to communicate with loved ones, check emails, surf the web and play games. But, time has changed meaning the use of the devices in the past has also advanced. Just consider the use of your smartphone. Today, its use is not only limited to those mentioned. With the right installed app, you can also now use the device to start making money. Of course, you would love to make full use of that opportunity. All you have to do is to download the Receipt Hog app on your device, and you can begin!Receipt Hog App IOS Make Money

The Receipt Hog App

Receipt Hog is a free app for mobile phones that lets you earn cash rewards by making full use of your shopping receipts. Each qualifying receipt you take a picture of then submit lets you earn spins at Hog slots or coins. You can even earn more coins every time you use your earned spins at Hog Slots. Consequently, one lucky winner every day may benefit from winning coins with the same value of the amount stated on their last snapped receipt. It is a real and fun way to earn money.

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How Receipt Hog Works

Money is earned with Receipt Hog by giving you the opportunity to become a member of an exclusive market research panel. This is a panel where opinions and purchases influence the promotions and products being offered by retailers and brands. By joining the panel, all the receipt data as well as answers to the survey you provided are summarized to create market research reports to be given to brands. In exchange for the provided survey answers and receipt data, you benefit from getting paid.