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Do you think the main purpose of your purchase receipts is to keep a record of your purchase? Do you just put the receipts in a corner of your home or just throw them away after you use the product you have chosen? Have you ever considered that these receipts may save your money? If not, think of it now. There are several websites present over the internet that would help you to save a lot of bucks if you keep your previous receipts with you. All you need to do is to take pictures of the receipts by using several mind blowing apps. And voila, you?ll save a few bucks every time you buy come products. Isn?t it great? Here?s a list of a few marvelous apps that have been used by many people to save their bucks and you can do it too. – Referral Code: nad97536?This app is simply amazing. You can use it for any product bought from any place. All you need to do is to take picture of the receipt with this app. After that you will get some points for the submission. The last step is to redeem the points for cash and use it in your future purchases.

I'm getting paid for my grocery shopping with an app called Receipt Hog, and you should try it out. Just take pictures of your grocery receipts, and Receipt Hog will pay you. It's that simple. And if you submit receipts regularly, you can earn spins at the ?Hog Slots? slot machine, where you can win more money or even have your entire shopping trip paid for! It's fun, easy, and free.

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So join me in earning some easy cash. You can download the app here: ? If you like to buy a lot of grocery items every time you visit a store near you then this app is certainly for you. You can get cash back on all your grocery purchases no matter from where you have made the purchase. Again all you need to do is to upload your receipts on the app and get cash back on the grocery purchases. ? This app works a bit differently. You need to start using it before you begin your shopping. But it has also got very simple steps. Firstly, you should unlock your exclusive rebates before you begin the shopping. Then you should purchase the items you need from a list of featured products. The next step is to verify your purchases via your receipts. After that you?ll get the money from the app that can be transferred to your PayPal or Venmo account. You also have the option of having access to a card.

Join my Ibotta team! It's a free app that pays you cash for buying your favorite products. ? This app is very similar to as it also offers cash back on groceries. You just need to select some groceries from the available list of items in the app. And when you buy these groceries and submit its receipt to the app, you?ll get cash back.