5 Things that Makes Joomla Still the Best CMS for Web Development

Counting as the middle ground amongst two open-source systems there?s a lot that CMS can do to take your website design and development smoothly. Let?s find out.

5 Things that Makes Joomla Still the Best CMS for Web Development

With the advancement in CMS solutions, there are a lot of different options available in the market today and Joomla is one of the best from the lot that you can use for web development services. Here are the five major things that make Joomla perfect:

Joomla Can Be Freely Accessed

Joomla can be accessed freely just like any other CMS web development. It offers the better of the two worlds; where you can garner knowledge from the developers at a Joomla development company along with add-on functionalities. However, when you hire developers for web development, you would need to pay them for the process.

Multilingual Options are Available

As the communication between the people in different countries is getting shorter day by day through the Internet, websites that can offer multiple language options have a better chance of reaching out to the audiences. Word Press is a popular example to develop CMS and to incorporate a multilingual message system. But to use this functionality, you would need to pay a certain amount. Joomla, on the other hand, offers a lot of such options right from the installation phase. You would then simply need to select an additional language with the help of which you can translate the content. Although it is a hassle-free process and you would not need to hire a Joomla? developer for setting it up.

Joomla is Best for Social Networking Sites

Joomla is probably the best CMS development option that offers the functionality of social networking. Joomla comes with social networking extensions like EasySocial, JomSocial and Community builder that is attached to the third-party templates. The brilliance of Joomla can be incurred from the fact that it can easily integrate social media extensions to your site. You would just need to hire Joomla developers to build the website if you are not trained in the same.

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Joomla is both Simplistic and Functional

Word Press is one of the easiest CMS development solutions for website development, however, if you are creating robust and complex functionalities, then Drupal would be a better option any day. Drupal can provide to be difficult to use at first as it required knowledge of PHP and HTML along with other programming languages which leave high hopes for the developers.

When we talk about Joomla, it lies somewhere in the middle of these two development solutions. On one hand, it integrates the ease of managing, while on the other hand, it offers the power of a complex site that is managed on Drupal.

It is best for E-commerce Sites and Flexible Number of Extensions

Factors such as speed, delivery, UI, and security are considered to be crucial when you are setting up an e-commerce site. Joomla is probably perfect for this as it offers functionality, simplicity, and ability to facilitate online businesses. When you hire Joomla developers, they can use other CMS development solutions like Word Press and Drupal to create e-commerce sites, however, they require more time, effort and way too many customizations.

In comparison with other CMS like Word Press, Joomla also has far fewer extensions. There are many extensions that you can choose from when you are using Joomla which sometimes becomes a heck of a task as you have to choose among a lot of extensions. However, overall, the e-commerce sites would find Joomla the best CMS development tool during the web development phase.