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HasOffers did it again!
Ad management is gonna be guaranteed hit with has offers this emerging technology has been around for while now but Has Offers have put in a lot of work into this & definitely pay off in the long run. Check out Has Offers services you wont be sorry.
“The HasOffers Ad Manager is one of the most competitive advantages of our tracking platform. It is not just another advertisement banner rotator. It is a complete ad management solution from ad creation, to optimization, to geo-targeting, and more, guaranteed to improve the efficiency and success of your affiliates.
Create Ad Campaigns
Developing unique and high performing ads can be done completely within the HasOffers platform. Networks and affiliates have all of the tools they need to create both banner and text advertising campaigns. Creating new campaigns is simple – easily add creatives and link them to offers.
Add Creatives
Users can quickly connect flash and banner creatives to an ad by choosing a creative that has already been uploaded and assigned to an offer. They can also upload new creatives on-the-fly. An unlimited number of creative combinations can be added to any campaign in the Ad Manager.
Ad Optimization
The Ad Manager helps publishers, affiliates, and marketers to determine which of their ads have the highest performance in each campaign. This allows you to rely on actual data, removing the guessing game of which combination of text, images, flash, colors, etc. are most likely to convert. Optimization algorithms automatically display the top performing advertisements in each campaign to maximize results. Set specific optimization goals for each campaign including click through rate, conversion rate, revenue per impression, revenue per click and profit.
Generate campaigns with worldwide coverage by adding offers geo-targeted to different countries and regions to a single campaign. Users will then only see the appropriately geo-targeted advertisement according to the location of their current IP address.
Auto-Generated Ad Script
The ad script is the actual piece of code that publishers paste on their website. It is automatically generated for users that create their own campaigns. It can also be generated by network administrators and passed along to other members of the network.?”

The Future Of Advertising Is Has Offers

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Owning your own Affiliate Network Just got easier with Has offers. They Are the future for all the Networks out there! The HasOffers ad serving technology is far more efficient than any competing platforms, direct track,hit-path reducing the hardware and operating costs dramatically.

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Has Offers is light Years Ahead of any of there competitors out there. If your looking to start up your network or plan on converting from your existing network. I'm more then sure that Has Offers will go out of there way to help you integrate your database onto there Dedicated Solutions Plan.

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