How to Ensure You Get a Lot of Traffic from Your Guest Posts

As someone who has been guest blogging on other blogs for 2 years now, I have observed a lot of cool things about my guest posts on other blogs and the results they deliver. One of those things is how erratic traffic from guest posts can be. For example, I once wrote a guest post for a big blog in my field which sent me around 50 visitors in one month. I wrote another guest post for the same blog and that other guest post sent me over 400 visitors in one month. As a result, I have done a lot of experiments to see which kind of guest post bring about visitors and which kind of guest post doesn?t. In this article I will be giving you a few tips to help you ensure you are always getting a lot of traffic from your guest posts on other blogs.

Always Deliver Your Best Content

The first step you should take when it comes to guest blogging, so as to get a lot of results, is to always deliver your best content. It can sometimes be very tough to submit your guest post to be published on another blog, but on the long run you will see that it is a smart decision from your part.

Make sure you spend enough time crafting the perfect guest post, looking for the right title, editing your guest post and formatting it to ensure your message is properly passed across. When people see the kind of effort you went through to contribute value to their lives, they will be very happy to visit your blog so that they can learn from you.

Think about the Long Run

While getting a lot of traffic from your guest post the day it is published is cool, thinking about the long term is very important. Whenever you submit a guest post to another blog make sure you look for ways to ensure you enjoy the benefit of that guest post for years to come. For example, you can easily use SEO anchor texts to link back to your blog in the author bio of your guest posts. That way, aside from your guest post sending you a few visitors when it is published, it will also contribute to an increase in your search engine rankings, and as a result lead to more traffic for you on the long run.

Engage with the Readers of the Blog You Submit Your Guest Post to

While this sounds ridiculous, I have actually noticed it to contribute significantly to the amount of traffic I get from a guest post. One thing about engaging with commenters and readers of your guest post on another blog is that they come to see you as someone who is personal, and who really cares about them, and as a result they will be very happy to learn from you and tell their friends about you.

Also make sure you spread the word about your guest posts and tell your friends about it. That way, they will also comment on the post and lead to an increase in social proof making people to see you as someone whose writing is able to attract comments.

Onibalusi Bamidele is a 17 year old writer and guest blogger. He teaches people how to write on his blog, YoungPrePro. He also has a page dedicated to teaching people about guest blogging.