How to Grow Your Business Locally

How to Grow Your Business Locally

Business LaptopIf you?ve just started your own business, you may already have big visions set on the future. But before you attempt world domination, it may be worth getting the most out of your local area first. Even if you wouldn?t consider your business to be a local service ? even if you?re a web designer or the seller of a niche product – there may be a market on your doorstep that you didn?t even realize was there. Here are several easy marketing strategies for any business owner hoping to make a splash locally.

Join Local Facebook Groups and Forums

There are many groups on Facebook aimed at local businesses where you can promote your brand. Some may require you to be invited to the group ? message them and let them know that you?re a fresh and exciting local business. Be wary of some interest groups that don?t accept business promotion and are more aimed at activism or discussion.

Join local business clubs and organizations

Every town or village will have a local community group catered for the self-employed, whether it?s a rotary club or business initiative group. These clubs may require a fee, but are worth it for making contacts. Most group will hold a weekly meeting or a monthly lunch. Here you can mingle and get to know other local businesses. Get pally with another business owner there, and they may be able to recommend you to people or do some kind of cross-promotion (you promote their service and they promote yours)

Do a Talk at a School or Youth Group

Inspire the young with your business acumen by doing a talk at a school or youth group. This could just be in front of a small class ? for instance, a French class if you happen to work as a translator, a Maths class if you happen to work as an accountant. Teachers are always eager to prove the relevance of their subject on the wider world. Youth groups such as Scouts and Guide also regularly welcome talks from key local members.

Produce Flyers and Posters

Flyers and posters are still as popular as even in the 21st Century, largely down to how to cheap they are to produce compared to other forms of advertisement. Even if you don?t fancy shelling out on a printing company, you can do it affordably from your own home. There are many pieces of software available to download that will offer free flyer templates, allowing you to get creative and design your own flyers.

Once you?ve printed off a few copies, post them around your local neighborhood. Target areas that you think would be most likely to engage with your product ? for example if your product is high end, target a more upmarket area of your local community. Also look out for local noticeboards where you can pin up a leaflet or poster. Council buildings, libraries, dentist surgeries, hospitals, barbers and hairdressers, newsagents, coffee bars and even some pubs will usually be able to put your leaflet somewhere.

Remember to put all necessary contact details on and don?t be afraid to boast the fact that you?re local!