Video Recap About Recent Posts

Here is a video my thoughts about a post I made couple days ago. I personally think Market Leverage is by far the best Affiliate Network hands down this is not a paid post or video by them. This is what I personally think & want to help my fellow affiliates succeed in this vast changing Affiliate world we live in. Enjoy the video!

Here link to my American Cancer Society Post

Full Websites VS Landing Pages

Affiliate Helpful Tips

As you all know Affiliate Marketing is never easy. I'm seeing a lot of affiliate marketers not making long term websites when it's not that hard at all. All of the websites I make are either using word-press or some other kind of script. This is a big advantage due to SEO Optimization & quick fixes. I admit it takes more time to get a full website up VS a landing page but in the long run the full website you can do many things with gather emails with optin forms, give readers updated info, review new offers. This will get the most out of your PPC traffic. Maybe its just me but I tend to think for the future set my goals pretty high & defiantly get the most out of my money I spend on PPC. Affiliate Marketing is not for everyone however, it does pay off in the long run. The word “perseverance” comes to mind.