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Using SEO techniques to optimize websites is crucial for ranking high in search engine results. Many people try to optimize their own website, without any way of knowing if their efforts have been effective. is offering free SEO reports that can help website owners evaluate the SEO on their websites.

The process is easy. Simply enter a URL, choose a keyword and provide an email address where results can be sent. will provide visitors with a professional evaluation of the website entered. The report offers detailed, in-depth results about the website. Also included are suggestions on proven techniques to improve the site?s SEO, enabling the site to rank highly in search engine results.

The SEO report is free, and users can sign up for a Pro account that provides unlimited reports, along with the ability to customize them with personal branding. Reports can be used on members? own websites and those of their clients.

When people conduct an online search, few seldom look further than the first page of search results. The businesses and merchants that enjoy the best sales are those that appear on that all important first page. To rank on the first page, it?s vital that a website utilize SEO techniques. Businesses that don?t are losing business to the competition.

Businesses typically optimized their sites for a worldwide audience, and while that?s still important, it?s vital that merchants don?t overlook the value of optimization for local customers. Consumers are conducting more searches for local outlets with which to do business in an effort to avoid long commutes and to save money. Optimizing websites for local traffic is an easy means of introducing a business, its products and services to a completely new group of potential customers.

Many merchants attempt to optimize their own sites, with mixed results at best. The free evaluation from quickly and easily lets businesses know what they?re doing correctly and provides them with sound advice for optimizing their sites to obtain the traffic and search engine ranking they need to succeed.

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