Successful Purchases

It really is possible to obtain good quality work at inexpensive rates to aid in building your brand and online presence. I have been fortunate to discover some quality services on I have purchased many products from and here are some of the most successful.

One of the most purchased, and most successful purchases, I have made on is a writing gig. I outsource some of my articles on sites I do not have time to manage such as Cathy Sisson is a former newspaper managing editor and writes well on a wide variety of topics from press releases to articles. Her page on can be found at

Another gig that was very successful is voice over work that I had done by Morgan Barnhart, and integrated into an intro video by another gig that is no longer available. She has since struck out on her own and works independently. Her website is located at . The work from both providers was first rate, professional and quickly delivered ? for just $5 per gig.


I have purchased a number of gigs from and have been very pleased with the results. Another gig I purchased was for a 30-second rant from Sam Cornwell that he did for my website. Sam is very well known on YouTube. One of his videos can be seen at His gig is at

Clearly, you can see the benefits of and the different ways I have used the site to benefit myself and my brand. It is a cost effective way to obtain the quality services and products needed to promote my brand and online presence across multiple platforms. The work is professional, affordable on any budget, and can be used in a variety of ways for self promotion.

Fiverr offers employment for the unemployed

With the current economy, people across the nation are looking for ways to generate an income or supplement what they have. Many people are turning to sites such as Fiverr, a website that has been getting a lot of attention lately as the place to go for extra money.

The Fiverr website builds on the growing trend of micro-entrepreneurship's. Fiverr provides a marketplace platform where people with skills can go to post services they?re willing to sell. Buyers who need a specific task completed can search the list of offerings for those with the needed skills. All jobs, called gigs, are priced at $5. Sellers on Fiverr keep $4 of each gig performed.

Fiverr provides a complete platform for doing business. It provides communications, detailed work flows and automatically monitors your transactions and available earnings. An integral component of the Fiverr experience is the ability to leave feedback on completed projects. It provides a handy way for employers to find the best possible match when searching for workers.

Fiverr is a global marketplace with members worldwide. Thousands of jobs have been commissioned and completed. Fiverr members come from all backgrounds and professions. There are retirees, stay-at-home mothers and professionals from a variety of fields that offer their services. Some Fiverr sellers are supplementing their available income, while others are looking to generate income while they?re unemployed. Still others are looking to build a portfolio or a name for themselves. Some simply want to keep their skills honed, or do it for the love of their work.

For buyers, Fiverr offers a cost effective way to have one-time tasks, services or projects completed without the hassle and expense of advertising for a local source, then waiting for someone to respond to the ad. Fiver is immediately accessible 24/7, 365 days a year.

There?s a variety of categories from which to choose on Fiverr. New categories are added as the need arises. There are categories for graphics, videos, social marketing and travel, as well as writing, postcards and advertising. Other categories include music and audio, tips and advice, business, technology and programming. There?s also categories for gifts, silly stuff, and the fun and bizarre. Like the website says, it?s amazing what people will do for $5.

Fiverr members offer services ranging from writing stories and creating videos to tricking out websites. You can have postcards sent on request, or have a custom graphic or logo created. For the more adventurous, you can have your face or palm read, have your handwriting analyzed or have a custom caricature created.

Despite reports to the contrary, people are still losing their jobs. They?re not finding work as quickly as they might have a few years ago. There?s a need for a site like Fiverr, as evidenced by the sheer number of gigs that are completed each day. You won?t get rich, but you can easily make enough to pay the electric bill.

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