FeedFront Provides Visibility and New Opportunities

The ever-increasing affiliate market makes it imperative that entrepreneurs find new ways to reach advertisers and those interested in their products. Feedfront magazine is the official magazine of Affiliate Summit, reaching over 35,000 advertisers and marketers each month. It provides an ideal means of generating new business, reaching advertisers, networking and gaining support for future projects through writing.

The magazine is a valuable resource for marketing tips, new ideas and resources. Feedfront publishes articles on the entire spectrum of marketing and seeks to provide material that offers new and innovative ways for readers to attain success. Articles are written by individuals in the industry, ensuring relevance. Those who have developed new and innovative marketing methods can share that information for the edification of all.

An article in Feedfront marks the writer as an authority, a designation that can lead to an abundance of opportunities, from speaking engagements to collaborations, product offerings and sponsors. The opportunities are as varied as the individuals who read the magazine.

Networking can take a number of forms and visibility in Feedfront is a way to display specialized knowledge or expertise that others have been seeking. Exposure in the magazine can lead to lucrative new income sources that might not otherwise be possible.

No man is an island and it?s important for marketers to remain current on trends, innovations and new techniques. An article in Feedfront helps keep others on the cutting edge and provides the means for marketers to keep their name in circulation as an expert and authority.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of having an article appear in Feedfront is the exposure it provides to others in the industry. Those with articles in the magazine are building credibility for themselves, their brands and services.

There are many ways for marketers to stay informed, but it takes time to establish a reputation as a respected authority and someone who is successful. Being selected to write an article for Feedfront provides the authentication that can lead to improved opportunities in the future.

“Please Read my article on page 18 of FeedFront Magazine, Issue 14”
FeedFront Magazine, Issue 14