E-commerce Web Design Tips To Reinforce Sales In 2018

E-commerce Web Design Tips To Reinforce Sales In 2018

Is your store delivering lower conversions? Just crafting an eCommerce website is not sufficient. Whether you are new to the business or have already established it years ago, driving more conversions is always the goal.

Every business goes through declines and plateaus but that does not mean you will sit discouraged. Now, this is the time when you need to work out on your strategies and try something that is in sync with the upcoming designing trends.

As far as the eCommerce industry is concerned, consumer habits keep changing with each passing day. So, it is important to keep up with the changes that directly affect business revenue. Website design is also that important element which fits into the revenue generating category.

With this in mind, we have aggregated a list of some top ways to maximize eCommerce sales. These latest tips for modern web designing will definitely turn your store into a money generating machine.

More and more video

Videos belong to the most engaging type of content that can be produced to reinforce eCommerce sales. By acting as an effective communication method, videos can be shared across Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and multiple other platforms. With the increasing demand of videos seen to rise, more and more marketers are launching their websites around it. Videos can be used in multifarious ways, either by displaying people using your products or establishing a page that matches with the objective of your business.

As far as eCommerce websites are concerned, videos are getting popularized across on product pages as well. This is another way to drive conversions on your store.

It is expected that more videos will appear on eCommerce websites in the future. By inculcating videos, you will impart life to your products which definitely images cannot do to the same extent.

Use of Facebook and Instagram ads

facebook instagramWhen it comes to getting conversions on your eCommerce website, Instagram and Facebook is a great platform to opt for. Facebook ads can bring great number of leads and sales. Businesses must make the most from acquisition campaigns that drives cheap traffic to content. The use of dynamic product ads is also encouraged which helps in retargeting visitors who visit product pages. Use of carousel ads is also helpful in showcasing products from the top-selling collections.

Emojis and video content also attracts visitor attention and compels them to take an action. However, if you are not experienced, you must take assistance from a Facebook expert. You will definitely be able to make more money than you spend and also save on the lost revenues.

Have a Design That Blends Brand Story alongside

In order to distinguish them from the competitors, brands must reflect a story. This, in turn, will affect the design because the company?s story need to be as prominent as the product offerings. It can be either a video that reflects brand mission or a social cause or a write-up that reflects a small bio about the business offerings.

Consumers are more interested in the brand story. It strengthens relationship between shoppers and the business. This affects sales positively.

Use of minimalism in design

A modern eCommerce design believes in ?less is more.? An expansive menu that runs across the page with 10 rows is a story of the past. To reflect higher level of authenticity, a less cluttered menu with fewer options should be the best choice. Oversized menus bring distraction in the mobile shopping. A menu that takes space of an entire smartphone screen results into a frustrating customer experience. This impacts both traffic and conversions.

If your website sells a large number of products, you must organize into a reasonable number of categories. So, it is important to have a website that offer pleasant shopping experience. It should increase engagement along with the total time spent on the website. ?

Selecting the right design colors

The best way to implement right colors is by limiting colors to two or three. You must understand color psychology for implementing colors in the right way. Choose different colors for logo, store theme and branding. Each color must evoke emotions. The combination of colors should become a trademark for your brand. Also you must avoid distracting colors.

Large fonts and image background

Large fonts and backgrounds on eCommerce store is becoming the latest design trend. They help in positioning the product and text in an appealing way. These days, more and more eCommerce website are making use of real product photography. Images add authenticity to the product description. It also builds up visitor?s trust. Images directly convey, ?what you see is what you get? idea. Some online websites even resize background images.

Ending notes!

Integrating these eCommerce website design trends into your online website will help to see a substantial improvement in sales and profit. Remember, the more seamless your store experience is, the better consumers will connect with your brand.

So, if you feel these eCommerce design tips helpful, please let us know in the comment section below.

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