Use Articles as an Internet Marketing Tool

Among the strategies of online marketing, is the new age trend of publishing articles on the product. It strikes the major section of population that daily goes online either for work or enjoyment. When you submit the articles at correct places, people come across them and read about the product you wish to promote. Simply free approach to marketing. Continue to understand how it works.

1.?Using articles as the tool for establishing authority

An authoritarian position (in terms of knowledge about the product or service) among readers lets you take a big bite. Writing several articles on the same topic helps in building trust among the customers. With time people tend to realize your importance and then opt for reading your articles. It is this time when you can start the vigil of promotion.

The articles should always be centered about the product or the service being offered by you. This technique is referred as ?pre-sell?. You should only give a sneak-peak of your product or service, just enough to lure the customers to learn more. The information must be valuable and at the same time must keep the product in shade. Moreover, you may wish to write more articles other than just about your product or services. In that case, try writing articles on attributes related to your product. For example, if your product deals with tennis, then write articles about tennis balls or techniques of improving tennis skills. Do not write any abstract article unrelated to your product.

2. Writing articles as a tool for creating products or services

This one lets you develop a product or service facility online with the help of articles. In case you have no idea of the answer to the question? what to start online??, revert to where your knowledge is rooted, what are the things associated with your education or your previous job, what interests you, what was the last interesting event you attended, and so on. There is nothing better than creating a product or service centered about your hobby or interest. This renders your work a fun experience. Once you get all the answers, write articles about them and then choose the best out of them. Now, submit the selected articles to article directories and find the one which becomes most popular. Create your product or service based on that popular article.

3. Writing articles as the tool for driving traffic to your website

You should use articles as guide flags that divert traffic. For net traffic diversion you need to submit articles to what are called as ?article directories?. When you submit, add your brief details in the resource box and provide a link to your website. When the users read your article, they can directly click on the link provided by you and reach your website. This way they can explore your website, join the list or buy any product. As the article directories are mostly ranked high by the search engines, mentioning your link there, might be beneficial otherwise.

4. Using state-of-art technology for writing your articles

This is an optimized solution for cut-throat online marketing competition, for people promoting services like travel agencies and different cuisines. Make use of portability; grab a laptop or a net book. Capture your ideas on the go; write articles while travelling, update readers with the live knowledge and bag recommendation.

5. Getting a ghost writer to write articles for you

After great success of articles every promoter wanted to use them somehow. But probably everyone cannot write articles, but still want to make use of them as marketing tool. For you one of the options is hiring a ghost writer. These writers write article for you which you can use as marketing tools claiming them as your own. You can find such writers easily on web. Secondly, you can get private label right (PLR) articles. Written by ghost writers only, these articles are simultaneously distributed to a number of people via paid membership or given away for free by some websites for just joining them or buying a product. The quality of the article depends upon the amount you pay for it. As the PLR articles are not unique, you need to change them a bit before submission.

After above chapter a hence proved condition is, articles are great marketing tools. You can easily promote your product or service and earn by simply writing articles about your product or related attributes. With few tips in mind, articles are effective medium of online marketing.

About the author: Margaret is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on autos and technology. Beside this she is fond of books. She recently bought a ?sports car. These days she is busy in writing an article on world s most expensive.