Disciplined Affiliate

Disiplined Affiliate

Disciplined Affiliate Marketer

In this industry takes a ton of discipline if you think your gonna make money right away your 100% wrong.

I don't know how many people come up to me ask me if I can help them or friend make money that just lost his job. Its sad but true a lot of people its not the job for them sitting in front of the computer for hours can drive one nuts. Takes tons of discipline not to get distracted on-line and work on your brand/business.

I tell a lot of my friends I cant teach them everything I know its impossible to all the information I learned is over time. Lots of reading in digital point, web master forums wicked fire. Reading others questions. Asking my questions if I need help with something usually my question has been already asked so do a Google search before you ask don't want to look stupid ask the same question that has been answered a billion times.