Getting Started As A Webmaster

Getting started in this industry is never easy. When I was getting started back in 2001 was tough I wanted to know how to get domain name & hosting didn't have the slightest clue what DNS was or a domain registrar. Now everything has changed it's much easier for anyone to get domain up & running within 15 minuets. When I first got started I hosted with BlueHost awesome shared hosting for anyone who has new site with? little traffic for cheap price get all the tools you need. Then the next couple years I moved all my domains to Godaddy as the main domain registrar & started hosting in 2007 with HostGator the best quality hosting out there by far. I have been with HostGator forever it seems & so should you give them a shot use coupon code : trendspaces to get 20% off your first month hosting with HostGator.

First Step: Get Domain name : Godaddy: , NameCheap: ,Hostgator:

“If you go with hostgator you can get hosting & have them as your domain registrar to make things even simpler.”

Second Step: Get a shared web hosting: Bluehost: , HostGator:

“if your interested in hosting a blog or even a store both hosts are excellent start to your business”

Third Step : Email @

“Getting your is awesome start sharing with friends & tons of ways you can have all your email all go to one account so no confusion with multiple websites.”

for example my email is easy for family friends co-workers to email me on the fly.

Its never easy running website but if you have a passion for your site or have it as your hobbies. You will find out that updating your site adding new things is fun & just comes naturally. There are many helpful sources out there such if your having trouble or even contact me. I will do my best to help you out with your new site. To your success!