ibotta Earns Consumers Cash Back Everywhere they Like to Shop

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People are spending top dollar for everything they buy and ibotta puts some of that cash back in the pockets of consumers through rebates earned while shopping. The ibotta app works with any brand you choose every time you shop and participants can transfer their earnings to PayPal, Venmo or opt to have the amount placed on a gift card.

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ibotta is a free app available for Android and iOS systems that pays users cash back on their everyday purchases and offers exclusive rebates at favorite stores. It eliminates the need to visit multiple websites, search for sales and coupons, or sift through special offers and coupon codes.


There are hundreds of participating retailers, restaurants, pharmacies and entertainment venues and more than 100,000 locations where rebates can be earned. Participating businesses include national and international chain stores and regional options in specific states. There?s no limit on what you can earn or the eligible items.

ibotta provides people with three ways to earn:

  1. Sign up for ibotta, unlock rebates and cash backs by performing tasks, shop online and earn cash
  2. Download the app, unlock rebates by completing tasks, shop for products you?ve unlocked, verify purchases, submit a photo of the receipt, earn cash
  3. Sign up for ibotta, link a loyalty account at a participating retailer, unlock rebates and complete simple tasks, go shopping, earn cash
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Ibotta GroceryParticipating entities include those for necessities, entertainment and luxury items. People can earn funds when they shop for food, clothing and their pets and accrue dividends when they dine out, see a movie, or book flights and travel accommodations.

Those using ibotta earn cash back when they purchase gifts, flowers and specialty items, indulge in their favorite hobby, and shop for office supplies and home businesses. Individuals can earn when they purchase their favorite alcoholic beverages, home electronics, fitness equipment, and health and beauty products.

The ibotta app offers a convenient way to earn cash rebates by shopping for everyday items you need. The app is free, easy to use, and offers multiple methods to accrue funds. ibotta is convenient, saves time, and lets you earn by shopping at any of your favorite stores.

Combat Rising Prices with eBates.com

Many credit cards have eliminated their popular cash back and bonus offers, but consumers can still get cash back when they shop using Ebates.com. The site?s premise is simple ? give members cash back when they shop through the website. Ebates.com also offers a gift card bonus when individuals sign up.

The site is currently celebrating its 12th anniversary and giving members 12 percent cash back on selected offers. Philosophy brand gift bags will also be awarded to four of its Facebook fans.

Ebates.com works with a network of 1,200 stores to provide members with cash back when they begin their shopping at the site. Merchants in the network pay Ebates.com a commission when members access their online business sites via Ebates.com. The Ebates.com site passes a portion of that fee on to members.

The site?s members have already earned a collective total of over $55,000,000. Payouts are credited directly to members? PayPal accounts and checks are mailed every three months. Those earning $5 or less will have their totals carried over into the next pay period. There are no forms to mail in, points to redeem or fees.

Stores in the network encompass such money saving favorites as K-Mart, Target, Old Navy and JC Penny, along with the GAP, eBay and Groupon. Cash back amounts are also available for those who shop at stores such as Sears, QVC, Nordstrom and Lanc?me. Members can save on everything from gifts and clothing, travel and vacations, hardware, jewelry, and music and movies. Offers are available for stores in the U.S. and Canada.

Some offers allow members to save when they make minimum purchases, while other companies provide printable coupons that can be used for a percentage off any purchase. Most of the offers are available for online purchases only, but some businesses allow coupons to be used in-store for added convenience.

Members can take advantage of a daily double feature that earns shoppers double cash back. EBates.com offers members incentives for referrals. Anyone who refers 50 friends will win an iPad2.

Everyone has to shop for something and Ebates provides members with the means to be paid for doing it. Members aren?t going to get rich using Ebates.com, but the site does offer a way for members to combat the increasing prices of goods they use and shop for every day.

Fans can follow eBates.com on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/ebatesshopping and on Twitter at http://twitter.com/#!/Ebates. For more information, visit the website at http://www.ebates.com/help/topquestions.htm.