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After many years of ?searching, I?ve found what I have to do in life. I love helping people both online and offline. I?ve been doing it for friends for years and I want to extend my services to my readers. I can help with websites, marketing, branding and other services. I want to teach you and share my knowledge.

Friends and family have been coming to me for years with their problems when their computer is running slow or has a virus. I have no problem fixing these problems. I?ve also taught affiliate marketing. A good friend, Rajan Chopra, is a full-time doctor. I taught him how affiliate marketing works and he?s been very successful.

I recently helped a friend with her website. I got her on a server, set up a WordPress site, and sent her login details. Two hours later, she had her poems online. I can?t tell you how happy it makes me to see her enjoying her site and expressing herself. Her website is at hbeepoems.com

What can I do for you? Let me set up your website in minutes with my good friends at Bluehost.

You can contact me via Skype @ nickthrolson.

Other Friends Sites PrettyObsessed.com

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