Affiliate Summit West 2012 Wrap Up

Affiliate Summit West 2012 was awesome! I met some amazing people & had a blast at the ShareASale party & the Affiliate Ball Party.

Day Zero: I decided to get to ASW12 early this year due to the crazy lines day one at Affiliate Summit. So around 5:30 me & Kathryn Ekman headed to get our passes early with no Lines…

Day One: To start off the morning I headed from my Hotel the Flamingo to?Cesar's?Palace. I attended the following session:?Effectively Monetizing Traffic with Daily Deals. It seems like Groupon?is making smart moves in the affiliate space. Widget, tracking generator Local API?integration?into apps. There are numerous?opportunity?to generate leads just by using there API within an app showing best local deals. After attending the session, I headed to the Meet Market. Later that night I headed to the ShareASale Under The Stars Party?The party was held at the Chateau Nightclub inside the Paris Hotel which provided all 5,000+ attendees an open bar, desserts, dancing and more. I ran into John Chow & Syed Balkhis of WPBegginner as you can see in the picture below they both know how to party & have a good time…

John Chow, Nick Throlson, Syed Balkhis

Day Two: I started the morning off by getting some steak & eggs then headed to the following session:??Mastermind Groups Exposed – Success in Affiliate Marketing ?@ericnagel?@toddfarmer?@sunshinetricia?I learned that?committing?time to a master mind group is key everyone has to be on the same?schedule?& a group of 3 or 4 is the max to keep things from getting too crazy. After the session I headed to the exhibit hall where I saw my good friends at Blue Global Media. After exploring the exhibit hall seeing ?all networks & getting hooked up at the PeerFly booth?because?I was wearing there T-Shirt under my suit ?pretty much the whole time I was at ASW12.

Day Three: I started the day off late ?on Day Three due to the ?ShareASale party going on pretty late I needed to get much needed rest. In the morning I attended : Go Mobile or Go Home Session learned that QR codes are not going away any time soon & if your business is not mobile or looking into either creating a mobile site you need to go home because people are using there mobile devices for everything. They are attached to our hips at every moment.?During?the session I decided to go up & ask couple questions about having a sub?domain?example they recommended using plugin such as WPTouch for WordPress sites & numerous others that can automate this for you.

Later on that night I had dinner, got ready for the Affiliate Ball at Rio Crown Theater Featuring Nelly,YT Cracker,Rob Hustle. A Big thanks to my good friends at Max Bounty for hooking me up with VIP Passes. We were right up front stage Kathryn actually touched Nelly's hand for a good 5 seconds. I recorded some good video of the beginning of the concert due to my Flip Mino only having 60 Min of recording time. Over all Affiliate Ball was off the hook! I cant wait until next year.

Rob Hustle Dedicated song to a great Affiliate who passed away?Brandon L Barnett?was an amazing affiliate and will be greatly missed.

To End Affiliate Summit I decided to be one of the hardcore affiliates & stay until Shoemoney gave his Keynote. he said it will be one of his last for awhile.It was great hearing his story and how he got started in the industry. I have the most respect for him and everything he has done even though some of the stuff is pretty out there.

Affiliate Summit Central and East 2012 Registrations are Now Open so what are you waiting for? ?Don't wait until its sold out get your pass early when its the cheapest. Click Here to register…

Affiliate Summit West 2011 Day One

Day one of Affiliate Summit West 2011 was pretty awesome. I decided to skip some of the sessions and head for the Meet Market since the Exhibit Hall did not open until Day two of Affiliate Summit West. It was packed. I stopped by the Media Trust booth and hung out with Peter Bordes founder and CEO of Media Trust he talked about?their?new platform for CPC and how this will?benefit?the affiliate industry. I personally think Media Trust is on to something big & will test out?their?new Performance Exchange?CPC bidding platform.

Nick Throlson & Peter Bordes
Nick Throlson & Peter Bordes

After hanging out at the Media Trust booth, I headed to one of my favorite networks booth Blue Global Media. They have grown into an amazing network over the last couple months. If your not with BGM you need to be! I highly recommend them they are very experienced affiliates & test the offers before they go live which is one thing I have not seen any other network do.

Blue Global Media Booth

Later that night I decided to go to the ShareASale Under The Stars Party. I had an amazing time Tryst club was packed John Chow & Syed Balkhi were on the dance floor showing everyone up. Syed decided to start break dancing, good times.

ShareASale Party @ Tryst
ShareASale Under The Stars Party @ Tryst

Overall the first day was a great experience. I met a ton of great networks and entered into every contest at the meet market so wish me luck on winning another Ipad :)

ASW11 Meet Market
ASW11 Meet Market