Blam Ads helps increase profits on a global scale

There?s a new player in lead generation and incentive advertising, and their name is Blam Ads. Their services are specifically designed for affiliates, webmasters, developers and advertisers who want to increase profits on a global scale.

Blam Ads is owned by parent company Eagle Web Assets, Inc. Owner Ryan Eagle started the business in 2004, and it?s grown into a successful conglomerate with over 75 employees throughout the United States and Europe.

They offer affiliates over 750 incentive-only offers in 60 countries to increase profits worldwide, in addition to real time reporting and tracking with a user-friendly interface. Their services are especially beneficial for established affiliates, who gain access to Blam Ad?s extensive database of direct offers. They work to maintain personal relationships with their affiliates, unlike some companies with similar services.

Their content locking gateway automatically turns visitors into conversions for webmasters and gives them more control over their sites. Offers are automatically split tested and the top converting offers are shown. They offer superior analytics and an impressive selection of direct offers.

Blam Ads offers turnkey services to developers that easily plugs into their own applications to derive more profit from direct advertisers. Staff members works closely with developers to turn Facebook, MySpace or Web application into results that are measureable in cash. Developers have access to traffic in over 60 countries, significantly increasing sales potential.

Blam Ad staff works with advertisers to optimize their offers for maximum profits, while providing brand protection and quality leads. They work with enterprises of all sizes, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. They offer cost effective ways for advertisers to increase revenue without risking their budgets.

Blam Ads presents the perfect opportunity to increase profitability. Their selection of offers, extensive global network and technological solutions ensure success. Blam Ads believes in working harder, longer and smarter to offer clients the greatest earning potential available.

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