The Best Web Development Frameworks 2018

The Best Web Development Frameworks 2018

Web Development in the year 2018 is a whole different ball game than what it was a decade ago. The websites that you come across when you go online is vastly more capable than the ones from the recent past. What was just writing codes for the front-end and the back-end, is now much more.

Much more, in terms of a lot of different functionalities. The websites these days can work with a lot more information. And on top of that, they provide functionalities like that of a thorough software application. Based on which a whole new business model has come into being.

That is the ‘SAAS', an acronym for ‘Software As A Service'. In this particular business model, you can pay to use a software service from a particular company. But you won't need to download and install the software system for the service. You will be able to use its full range of functionalities from the website itself. Neat! Isn't it?

However, that inevitably brings the question of how these things are working. Common sense would prompt that its more than just the trickery of advanced HTML and PHP. Which is just within the scope of simply developing a website.

Well, it goes beyond that and makes use of a totally new concept. It is called a Web Development Framework. This is used in the developmental process of all the functionalities that those websites provide. And with the capabilities of these Web Development Frameworks that we're talking about, there'll be a lot more.

So, read through to find out about the Best Web Development Frameworks 2018.

What is a Web Development Framework?

Before we go ahead and dive in straight to the new developments in this field, we need to give a complete context of the issue that we are tackling. So, let?s start by giving a proper definition of the Web Development Frameworks.

What these basically do is, give you a well-set method for developing functional applications on the web. Once you program them properly for whatever action that you want, it will be automated from there onwards.

Although this is the bloodline of the various dynamic websites, it is used in the development of static ones as well. It is based on one particular programming language. Developers as well as web redesigning services put together different kinds of online applications.

Now, there are different types of backend development architectures that are available for use. Depending on what it is that you're trying to do with your development project, you can choose from either the Model View Controller or the Three-Tier System.

One is Server-side coding for interactions between robust storage databases and the users going on. Also, there is Client-side coding where the operations are embedded into the client's browser. There are pros and cons to both and the one you need to adopt depends on the task at hand.

So, in the upcoming section, let's dive in deep into all the technical stuff related to the advancements this year in the web development frameworks.

Best Web Development Frameworks 2018

We have already laid a foundation on what these web development frameworks are. There has been lots of progress this year in terms of the web development frameworks. Both for the front-end, as well as the back-end. And all of that will be quite significant for you as the trends from this year are going to dictate what's to come in the near future.

Following are the different web development frameworks that you need to be on the lookout for, this year.

Frameworks For The Frontend

This particular category concerned with the front-end developmental aspect of the websites.


This is one of the most widely used web frameworks for the front-end. This is made out of the MVVM, an acronym for the Model-View-ViewModel layout of software architecture.

The best thing about Ember is that it allows for simple usage straight away. Minimum need for tweaking, if any on the users part. The success of this particular framework can be in part that is attributed to the operational concepts it has adopted.

‘Convention over configuration' is one of those concepts. It helps the user with a better foundation for starting out on their projects. Other than that there is the idea of ‘Stability without stagnation'. Rolling out major updates can upset the developmental process. So, it will be done in small steps of increment.

The major users of Ember include the big names like Microsoft and Netflix. And this one is going to be a big player this year.

Angular Js

Do you want to build applications, all within a single page? Then this one is going to be your master tool. Google put together this framework and it is quite suited for SEO purposes as well.

Client-side coding is the main forte of Angular Js. And, what it does is expand the capabilities of plain HTML coding. Into a full-fledged application-based system. The best part of Angular Js is that it is usable alongside other libraries.

Giving you the capability for a professional website development without any extra cognitive effort. The users include Google themselves, PayPal and many more.

Vue Js

This one is the new kid on the block, which came out of a singular endeavor. Which over time bloomed and is now one of the most sought-after web framework systems. This particular web framework is progressive.

Which means that if you were developing with any framework from beforehand and now you want to use Vue Js for whatever reason, you can do that.

There is a little bit of skepticism among the developer community as to its legitimacy. However, with more and bigger names in the industry starting to use Vue Js. It is going to catch on really well in the days to come.

Frameworks For The Back-end

And now, here are the web frameworks serving the backend of the websites as well.


It is one of the top players among the framework systems for the back-end. Django is arguably on top of the mountain. It is created with the famous Python programming language.

Django, by the way, is a Server-side type application. It has a lot of good qualities for which it has adopted so much. Among those qualities which make it what it is, its well-roundedness in terms of capabilities. And also the security it provides makes it all the more remarkable.

As a testimonial of sorts, we can give you a name of some of the websites that make use of it, as of this year. MacArthur Foundation, Pinterest, Mozilla, and National Geographic use this framework. This just tells you how reliable it is and is going to be around for a long time.


Microsoft's very own Asp.Net is one of the best web development frameworks. It has some characteristics that make it useful the way it is. First is caching, with which working with a lot of different complex pages becomes simpler.

Then, there is the principle of ‘Code Behind Mode' which makes maintenance of the web application very smooth. Finally, the State Management facility with Asp.Net is very cool as it takes care of it for you, without you having to do anything extra.

Ruby On Rails

This one is a pretty colorful one, considering all the talks there is around it. People in the developer community have been sounding bells of its demise. Moreover, nothing can be further from the truth.

Ruby On Rails is relatively easier to understand and work with. And the code can operate without you having to test it at every step. That makes it the perfect choice for newcomers in this industry.

They will be able to get good functionalities from this framework without that much technical complications. And in 2018, where the numbers of startups are more than ever, Ruby On Rails would not just survive but also thrive.

Wrapping It Up…

At this point, we have discussed all the things starting from the basics of the web development frameworks. As in what it is and how it is relevant to you. Then in the main part, we laid down the details of the best web development frameworks in 2018.

It doesn't matter whether you are a serious developer or just someone merely dipping their toes in it. With what you just learned about what's to come in the near future, you now have a solid footing for if you want to get into some of it.

These frameworks are going to be around for a while and as for the question of which one to learn. In case you're thinking about it, you can pick any. Just learn it well. All the best.