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Tatto Media has made strides in the world of affiliate marketing. ?It began as a private network but now is one of the fastest growing networks available to affiliates. ?I have been part of the network and was surprised to see how well the affiliate managers treated me. ?They went above and beyond to make sure all of my concerns were addressed and I was maximizing my profits. ? Although excellent managers is a large part to developing a?successful?affiliate network, that is not the only factor in order to be considered a good network. ?Another important factor in an affiliate network is its interface and tracking. ?The interface of Tatto Media was user friendly and easy to navigate. ? They utilize their own custom designed tracking system which was very reliable. ?Furthermore, I received all of my payments from them on time with no issues.

Start Making Money With Tatto Media Today!

Tatto Media is a behavioral ad network based in Boston. The company was founded in 2005 by Lin Miao and twins Lee and Lucas Brown. ?Since they are all under 25, they bring much needed young blood to this industry. ?This fuels their innovation and drive to continue to expand and help affiliates maximize their income. ?It is no surprise to me that Tatto Media was Named by Business Week as one of the top 25th entrepreneurial business of 2007.

Tatto Media has come a long way & continue to prosper this is one network you must join!

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