Blakhis Pimped Out My Blog

Pimp my blog

Pimp my blog

I just want to give a big shout out to my buddy Syed Balkhi at Blakhis for pimping out my blog love the new look I'm currently working on the footer adding some links and icons so far I'm loving the new look!

Webmaster Updates

updates Hey everyone there are couple things I have been working on currently I'm getting my blog theme pimped out by
new theme should be done in a week or so also I'm working on 2 websites I have owned for awhile I was having problems with my social network was using phpfox 1.6.20 so i downgraded to an older version seems to be working fine now just gotta get everything back up to normal. The second website is its currently using index script I honestly dislike the script I'm gonna make a test site see if I could make the database work using PHPLD seems like everyone is using phpld & there are lots of mods ect!

PS: To keep everyone updated from July 14th to the 29th I will be back east visiting family also gonna be in Boston Mass for couple day's. I will be twittering also will post couple draft posts I have while I'm gone