Affiliate Summit West 2011 Day 3

Day three at Affiliate Summit West 2011 was a great day. I started off the day with some coffee and decided to hang out with Luke Smith from Motive Interactive. Around 10am the exhibit hall?opened?up. Luke and I stopped by several booths and entered several contests wish us luck winning Ipads. After the exhibit hall I decided to go to the “Are You Buyers Mobile, Yet?” session. In this session they talked about how using services such a appmakr allow pretty much any business can make an app. Also how paypal and other merchants are making it easier for you to make purchases for pretty much anything using your phone to pay for food,clothes,apps etc. I'ts going to change the way we use our phones.

As I was leaving for lunch I ran into Shawn Collins Founder & Owner of Affiliate Summit. If you have never been to any of the Affiliate Summit events you should?defiantly?go to ASE in New York this summer.

Nick Throlson & Shawn Collins

Networking To A Successful Affiliate Marketer

Some affiliate marketers hide in the shadows never network with others. Thinking there better than one another. I know in order to prosper & become successful you have to network either on-line or off-line at conventions such as ASW, ASE ,Ad-tech & Meet-ups. If you don't go to any you really are missing out perfect place to learn from each other & share ideas. Then go home test what you learned from the conventions. I learned a lot from going to ASW things I should be doing & not have been doing. This was a big eye opener for me. Also had blast at the parties that were thrown right off of Las Vegas blvd was an experience I will never forget.

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In conclusion networking will fine tune you into a great affiliate marketer & make you successful never know who your gonna meet.