The animation in Web Design

We have several aspects of web design but one of the most fascinating and interesting aspects is animation. We all have an idea of what animation is, like the cartoons we used to watch when we were little- Tom and Jerry, Scooby-do, Spongebob SquarePants, Moana and so on. You will notice that all these cartoons have one thing in common, making immovable objects movable and active. That’s what animation in web design is all about. In animation, you can breathe life into an object and make it movable. Magical right?

Animation surpasses that of cartoons or any other animated kid's shows. We have several aspects of animation with each having its usefulness in web design.

Let’s take a look at its usefulness:

Many people prefer to use only blog and graphics to advertise their goods and services. Animation can also be very useful in the advertisement and marketing of your products and services effectively. Animation engages people, fun to watch depending on the creativity. I can bet you that many people prefer watching and listening to reading.

Animation can also be directly linked with games mostly online games.

Do you know a game developer needs knowledge of animation? Check here for more info If you are into web designing and you haven’t considered checking out this aspect, you are missing out on the opportunity to create fun and also have fun while creating it.

Have you ever come across a kind of wheel online that says click to spin? I am sure you have. When you click the wheel it spins, what makes this figure move is the work of animation.

However, there so many aspects in animations as mentioned earlier. We have traditional animation, 2D animation, 3D animation, motion graphics, stop motion and tweening gluten free snacks.

Traditional Animation

It is an old kind of animation, which is more of crude back in those days. It can be dated back to those days that pen, pencil, and paper were still very useful in design. Nowadays, the computer can do all that with lesser effort. Do you remember the comic books and nursery story books? That’s the work of traditional animation.

2D Animation

Vector based 2D animation is a little similar to hand-drawn animations but different in the sense that it involves using computer software such as flash to generate necessary animated designs.

3D Animations

This type is quite different from traditional and 2D, it has little to do with hand drawing and more of solving a puzzle. It is referred to as CGI, useful in the generation of images in three dimensions. It is somewhat similar to stop motion graphics.

There are many other types of animations that you can learn and add to your knowledge of web design. Bottom line is that web design is a wide field with many aspects and animation is one of them.