Affiliate Tips: Choosing the Right Niche

How to Succeed as an EntrepreneurAffiliate marketing is the practice of promoting someone else?s products online in an attempt to earn commission.? There are merchants accepting affiliates in almost every niche these days, from financial services to video games.? The first thing that many affiliates want to know is, ?Which niche should I choose??.? Hopefully, these tips will make your choice easier:

Approach 1: Promote What You Love?

A lot of people enter affiliate marketing by accident.? They start a blog about a hobby that they love, and decide to monetize this by signing up to related affiliates.? This can be a fun way to learn about affiliate marketing, and if you are lucky you may make some money from it too.

Unfortunately, many of the most popular ?hobby? niches are not ones that are easy to monetize.? If you run a video game blog, or a site about a TV show, you?d be lucky to pay your hosting bills from your commissions.

Approach 2: Choosing a High Paying Niche?

Another simplistic approach is to simply log in to your chosen affiliate network website and sort the campaigns by pay, then start a website about whatever the highest paying keyword is.? If you don?t mind writing thousands of words about payday loans, obscure drugs, or no-win no-fee lawyers then this could be a successful strategy.

There are two downsides to choosing a niche based on pay alone.? Firstly, the high-paying niches change frequently, and if you?re going to try to keep up with those changes it?s likely you?ll burn out. Secondly, the high-paying keywords tend to be high competition keywords too ? do you really want to have to throw resources at trying to outrank a huge number of experienced affiliate marketers?


The best products to promote are:

  • Products you believe in and would use yourself
  • Related to a niche that you enjoy writing about and researching
  • See a good amount of search traffic
  • Are relatively low competition
  • Are consumable products, or otherwise ones that encourage repeat purchases

Choose evergreen products whenever possible, especially for your first few sites.? Once you have gotten the hang of setting up and ranking sites quickly you can try to capitalize on trends (such as major movie releases or popular music artists) if you wish.

To determine whether a niche is popular or not, use the?Google?Adwords?Query?tool.? Make a list of keywords related to the niches you are thinking of using, and run them through the tool.? In the ideal world, you want a keyword with a lot of searches (including long-tail versions of the keyword), and minimal competition.

Don?t fear competition too much ? every niche has competition in it ? after all, if there were no affiliates, merchants wouldn?t bother to keep their programs going.? You want to avoid the very high competition niches, but you should try to establish yourself in a specific area of a healthy niche.

Finding your audience?

The best way to establish?yourself?is to pick a relatively narrow part of a broader niche.? For example, if you?re targeting a male audience and want to sell sports?supplements,?narrow down that audience and run a bodybuilding website, or a site for strong men.? It?s easier to build a reputation as an authority if you specialise in one narrow part of a niche.

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Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing

Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing?In the current media world dominated by the Internet, affiliate marketing has emerged as one of the common practices incorporated by industrial players in their Internet marketing plan. The concept of affiliate marketing is simple ? the websites (the affiliates) attract visitors and redirect them to the businesses they affiliated with, and then the businesses compensate the websites according to the volume of referred visitors.

It is not uncommon for affiliate marketing to be a marketing strategy that combines other varieties of advertising methods, for example: SEO, E-Mail marketing, display advertising, and orthodox method of publishing product reviews for affiliated businesses. Though advertisers may frequently overlook it, affiliate marketing is practically the most cost-effective advertising ? that is, the ?pay for performance? operating model.

As proven by, you may one day owe much of your business successes to affiliate marketing if you implemented it effectively, and that makes choosing the right affiliate program a matter of utmost importance.

The very first step is to identify excellent affiliate programs out of the sea of sameness. A good program is always characterized by having growth potential with expanding product range, providing high pay rate, operating with unambiguous pay structure, having the ability to generate returning businesses for your business, and having marketing, as well as community support for the products. A distinguished or above average program must be able to fulfill most of the mentioned measuring criteria.

There are usually 2 choices in deciding which program is suitable for your business after you have identified the excellent ones: programs that sell ?Hot Products?, or programs that sell products that suit your interests. The former focuses on products with great demand in the market, and the latter are more on the interest field related to your business. However, it is recommended to choose hot products that you have interests in. The high demand is to ensure higher revenue, and the interest is to sustain your relationship with the programs. It is also important to stay knowledgeable on the products you?re selling in order to be convincing to your visitors.

In conclusion, choosing the right affiliate program is not an easy task, but the right programs can guarantee long lasting compensation

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Full Websites VS Landing Pages

Affiliate Helpful Tips

As you all know Affiliate Marketing is never easy. I'm seeing a lot of affiliate marketers not making long term websites when it's not that hard at all. All of the websites I make are either using word-press or some other kind of script. This is a big advantage due to SEO Optimization & quick fixes. I admit it takes more time to get a full website up VS a landing page but in the long run the full website you can do many things with gather emails with optin forms, give readers updated info, review new offers. This will get the most out of your PPC traffic. Maybe its just me but I tend to think for the future set my goals pretty high & defiantly get the most out of my money I spend on PPC. Affiliate Marketing is not for everyone however, it does pay off in the long run. The word “perseverance” comes to mind.