Ads 4 Dough Affiliate Network

Hey everyone been a long day spent couple hours at the DMV we all know how that goes lol. I just wanted to give ads4dough a shout out they recently re-did there site. I really like the new look very easy to find offers also emailed my affiliate manager responded within couple hours glad to see ads4dough in the affiliate world to give them a try click here

Flux Ads A Leading Preformance Network

Overall Fluxads is a great affiliate network, really easy to navigate. Flux ads has over 400 offers some really good short fill offers & email submits that pay out great.

Also one plus about flux ads is the flux bucks reward program makes you want to work a little harder so you can be rewarded. That's something that always got me going & working hard. you can win anything from gift cards, plasma TV or a trip to Vegas!

One huge plus to FluxAds that made me laugh out loud was the flux live where they have 3 cameras setup so you can see what your affiliate manager is doing see if there in a meeting. I think this is a great idea and they are the first affiliate market i have seen thats done this.