Is Affiliate Marketing Over?

Dear Publishers,

This is an important notice to all of my readers & fellow affiliates that any landing pages, creative, websites or other advertising content used by affiliates to promote offers such as acai berry and other type of rebill offers compliance and preventive measures for re-bill offers. This is due to the recent events with Oprah Winfrey, Rachael Ray, and Dr. Oz. The Illinois State Attorney General's Office has decided to take action against affiliates, advertisers and networks. The Lawsuits send a clear message that using deceptive ad content such as fake celebrity endorsements, not disclosing the price and re-bill terms, using fake blogs or articles, will not be tolerated. with all the major networks out there just giving you guys some advice before you make a LP for Acai berry or weight loss.

You can find more information on the lawsuits here:

Dr. Oz and Oprah Winfrey have also filed a lawsuit in regards to copyright trademark infringement against 50 companies which include advertisers, suppliers, ad networks and affiliates. Hundreds of sites of affiliates are listed and they want the sites discontinued immediately, because the URLs contain the names of Dr.Oz and Oprah.

For more information, you can find it here:

Preventive Measures I Recommend.

  1. Don't falsify consumer testimonials or postings.
  2. If any testimonials/photos/first person accounts/etc; They must be real.
  3. Don't photos of celebrities or falsified endorsements.
  4. Do not use altered pictures and represent that those pictures are of actual consumers.
  5. Don't use of the word ‘FREE' on anything that is not completely free.
  6. Free, Try it Free, Free Sample, etc. will get you in trouble.
  7. Don't have a comments section without a reply or post option.