Advaliant Update

Advaliant Updated there network really like the new look clean & simple if your not with Advaliant sign up ASAP they have some great weight loss offers with some of the highest payouts.

New Advaliant Stats Area

The new stat's area is really clean easy to find what you need & fast also plus no direct track!

Advaliant Campaigns Area!

Advaliant Makes it simple to find offers quick & fast!

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ASW 2009 Recap

ASW 2009

Hey everyone here are couple pic's I took in Vegas more on my facebook and myspace had a great time in Vegas! The Advaliant party was off the hook really nice meeting up with ShoeMoney,Ian Fernando, Several other blogger's out there.


Craig Neil ShoeMoney & Me @ ASW 09

Ian Fernando & Me @ Advaliant Party!

Ian Fernando & Me @ Advaliant Party!

Sad Down About Your Life Dont Be!

Hey everyone just keeping you all up to date about my life. I recently tried to get a Student Loan got denied then tried Citi Bank for a personal loan didn't ask for too much still got denied sucks made me sad for couple days but as a person makes me stronger. I was like wait a minute I'm stronger then this. I can make money doing something I love & that's affiliate marketing.

This let down is going to make me work harder & make way more money then I wanted to borrow! For anyone who gets down about your personal life remember your most likely a blogger webmaster or a newbee.? I will go well out of my way to help you out you can just ask my Bro Rajan aka DR Blog. He owns a new blog some really great content there also can ask him any questions you may have!

Many new things coming to I'm working withAdvaliant to sponsor a big contest just for publishers and my readers so be sure to check them out. I will keep everyone updated when the contest will start.