Advaliant Now Media Trust

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Advaliant recently changed to Media Trust they have been one of the first & man affiliate networks I have workded with.I continue to support Media Trust. Due to their simple network. Easily find the offers you need & get the payouts you need without even asking for a payout bump.If you not with Media Trust I recommend you sign up right now & get some offers up with the Leading Network Media Trust!

New! Campaign Reporting API

In addition to the APIs for accessing the Stats, Sub ID and Sub ID Detail Reports, we have added a new Campaign Report API for accessing campaign details. Visit the API Access tab in your user profile for more information on accessing the API.

Statistics Reporting API

This API provides publishers with the ability to call their Stats, Sub ID and Sub ID detail reports programatically. This API capability is leveraged by publishers to pull their traffic data into custom and third party tracking, reporting and optimization systems. The API is also leveraged by service providers like Tracking202 and AffMeter to aggregate stats for publishers across multiple networks.

New! Platform Help

We now have help documentation available throughout the platform. You?ll see the link in the upper right corner of each page to access background information and tips on using the MediaTrust platform.

New Site

Finally, if you head on over to the mothership -? ? you?ll notice a brand-spankin? new site. This has been a significant effort over the last few months to complement our brand transition, but also help communicate what we do and how we?re different in a more succinct and digestable way. We?ll hope you?ll take some time to check it out.

We are very excited about these updates as they illustrate our commitment to innovation and also ensure that our publisher partners have the tools and support they need to create successful campaigns.?We are excited about these changes and the many to come over the next few months. Let us know what you think!