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The battle of the mobile carriers is progressing apace and the winners in this battle will be the consumers. T-Mobile has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past few years and they look to emerge as the clear winner as the number one mobile service.

T-Mobile has introduced a bunch of killer deals for family plans, referral programs and the company will pay early termination fees for new customers on up to five lines. The list of positive features at T-Mobile is impressive and one of the most important words for T-Mobile customers is free.

Save your friends move to t mobile

The company has a comprehensive customer research program and they really care about their customers. That?s one of the most important aspects they have going for them. People can get mobile service from any number of carriers, but saving money and having a company that actually listens to customers is priceless.

They boast the fastest nationwide 4G LTE network available and they?re the fastest growing wireless company in the U.S. T-Mobile customers get unlimited global data coverage in more than 120 countries with the Simple Choice Plan. There are no contracts, texting is free and calls are 20 cents per minute.

T-Mobile has the most highly sought phones with Apple and Android operating systems, and they offer free shipping on all devices. With JUMP!?, clients can update to the latest devices earlier. You can even take the T-Mobile Test Drive and try the network free for seven days. They?ll even send you an iPhone 5s to do it.

A cell phone is expensive and T-Mobile understands that it represents a major purchase for many. They offer refurbished models and initiated financing plans for new phones. You can choose a new phone with T-Mobile service or bring your own phone and they?ll send you a free SIM card.

Smartphones connect us with others, help organize our lives and mind our music. T-Mobile plans are generous and customers can stream music with no data caps or overages with its Music Freedom program.

I?ve been with them for over five years and haven?t experienced any problems. Things just keep getting better with T-Mobile and they?re the first to offer a contract free plan. I?m one happy customer with T-Mobile and you can be, too.

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