If you've ever wished you could just have the spotlight and contact everyone who's anyone in the affiliate industry at the push of a button this technology exists – and you don't need to be a blogger or manage an email list to participate. All you need is your Facebook account. You can be up and running in under a minute.

5000 people will gather at Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas, but every day 5000 people flock to the Super Affiliates Facebook Group. It's like a trade show every single day minus the hang over.

The group is maintained by rock star super affiliate Russell Rockefeller who's philosophy about how to run a discussion group contradicts everything you've ever learned about how forums should be managed. Unlike other venues participants are actually encouraged to self promote. Anything goes as long as it's on topic. Needless to say this group is also a constant source of controversy. It definitely doesn't lack drama, but Russell Rockefeller has done a pretty fine job of keeping everyone under control. You see, his charm is the ultimate paradox of baller intellectual and extravagant yet eccentric meets polite and mild mannered until you get on his bad side. You can't help but like the guy. He has a way with words.

Hard liners have criticized the format of the group because it's LOUD. They perceive the environment like taking a megaphone into a library and blasting everyone with whatever you're promoting. If you don't turn your notifications off it will hit your Blackberry about 3 or 4 times per minute due to the post frequency but the group is addicting and productivity there is maximal. If you have something unique you can get hundreds of leads in minutes. Super Affiliates is also a fantastic realtime news source. Secrets and gossip tend to leak out over the channel. If you log out for an hour, you'll start to wonder what you've missed. The hard liners prefer an almost police state type of environment where even a hint of self promotion is abolished, but the Super Affiliates group is wide open and ready for your business.

Here is the URL for the Super Affiliates group. Enjoy!

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