Influencers are in great demand in today's scenario. Brands are paying a hefty amount to influencers to enhance their brand awareness. Many influencers have a vast fanbase on par with the movie stars. Hence, brands are leveraging these influencers to maximize their brand reach, which eventually elevates their reach. In this article, we are about to show you some of the social commerce sites that have grabbed the influencer's attention. If you are a person aspiring to become an influencer, then have a look at the social commerce sites that are given below. Influencers can also gain momentum on any social commerce platform by taking advantage of the paid services like Trollishly. Have a deep look into these sites and better understand them so that your path to grow into an influencer won't be much more complicated.


Instagram has grown into the powerhouse of social commerce. The platform cannot be neglected due to the way it has been contributing to social commerce. Instagram is a more compatible platform when compared to other platforms when it comes to shopping. A shopping icon can be added as part of the image. The icon denotes the product showcased in the picture that eventually drives to the page where a detailed description of the product along with its price will be provided. Despite being a social application, Instagram almost functions as an e-commerce application where brands can showcase their products and sell them. Instagram offers multiple ways for brands to promote their products. For instance, products can be promoted through the stories section by adding CTA to it, which will direct the visitor to the product page. If any of your product posts have gained more traction, Instagram will take it to the explore page, eventually elevating your brand reach to a vast extent. Thus, your product will become famous without having to spend even a single penny. Hence, Instagram is a compatible platform for brand promotions and to sell products online. Due to this, brands throng into this social application and join hands with the influencers.


Facebook is diverse and the one with the most number of users. There are billions of people surfing through this social application every day, with many new people entering this platform every day. Hence, it is a huge market place where brands could showcase their products to the customers. Taking advantage of its vast user base, Facebook is utilizing the platform for commercial purposes. 

Facebook Marketplace is a massive opportunity for medium and small scale businesses. The section enables companies to sell their products to people. It allows the seller to provide comprehensive data about his product, such as its cost and specific features. Moreover, an icon has also been provided using which a customer can send a direct message to the buyer regarding product enquiries. This will help brands to sort out the customer queries instantly and drive them to purchase a product. Hence, Facebook is the platform that lets brands market their products to a vast audience without much hindrance. Considering the enormous user base and growing importance of social commerce, influencers have a growing reputation on this social platform. Many companies are aiming to make their brand popular through influencers on Facebook.


Today the social media industry is witnessing vast growth. Due to this, new social applications are being rolled out that focuses on a specific sector. Lyst is one such social application that is completely dedicated to fashion designers. For instance, if you are a fashion designer, you can showcase your works on this application. People who are intrigued by your posts will follow you. Hence, they can view all your future posts and interact with them. Moreover, people can also make purchases on this social application. Thus, this platform will be an apt one for the people who are into the fashion designing industry and looking to grow into influencers.   


Houzz is also a social application that falls under a specific category. As the social application name resonates, this platform will have interior designers, architectures, and others in the construction field who will show their works. Hence, people who find their works to be interesting can follow them and can even get in touch with them if they want to renovate their homes and workplace. This platform also has a considerable number of influencers who are enjoying a significant follower base. Thus, this platform will give rise to new ideas to make alterations to your house and interior. Houzz is one of the social applications that is acclaimed very well and reached a large audience base.


Wanelo is a social application where you will find a wide range of photo collections. For example, if you click any of the product photos that have been showcased on this application, it will direct you to the page where you can purchase them. Thus, this application is filled with product photos, and you can buy the one that matches your interest. This social platform has a considerable number of users and has a gradual rise in its user base consistently for a more extended period.

Final Thoughts: 

Social e-commerce is expanding over time with the advent of new social applications. Alongside there has been growing importance for influencer marketing. Social commerce is anticipated to play a crucial role in the coming years, and a vast business is expected to take place through these platforms. Moreover, many people are thronging into this social application to grow into influencers. Many new social platforms are getting introduced and earn a rapid spike in their user base in recent times. Many of these social platforms have distinct landscapes providing a unique experience to the users. Thus, the influencer marketing industry is expected to expand further in the coming years. So, if you aim to become an influencer, you have to look at the various new social platforms that are introduced in recent times. Thus, you can gain considerable knowledge about the way social platforms are framed, which in turn will ease the pathway for you to grow into an influencer.

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