Commercial communication, or marketing as its more widely know plays a huge rise in the success of SMEs. This is because it raises the awareness of your brand and product. Without which it would be impossible to sell in quantity necessary to stay in profit. While it can seem like a complicated area to master, it's possible to get some fantastic results by doing some very simple actions. Read on to find out more.

Newsletters and mail shots

On the more traditional side of things, we have the marketing tool that is the newsletter. This is a valuable way of keeping your SME?s customers and potential future customers up to date with your brand and products.

It is something that can be circulated via paper post but is now or likely to be done via email as this is a lot more time and cost efficient, and you can reach a larger audience a lot quicker.

However the downside of emailing newsletters is they have to be hugely engaging and tempting to read, else they run the risk of quickly being deleted and ignored. To help you with this you can check out posts like the top 6 tools for targeted email marketing. As there you can find info on how to make your copy much more reader-friendly and engaging in format.

Special offers

Once you have the format side of things sorted you need to ensure that your content is eye-catching as well. One way of doing this is to use special offers. These may take the form of money off codes, buy one get one free deals, free gifts, or the like.

These are a great way of getting a potential customer to actually read and engage with your email and online marketing. They also encourage a quick purchase helping you to boost your sales figures in a short space of time.

Viral marketing

However, there is an even more tempting way of getting your customers to engage with the marketing tool that you are distributing, and that is viral marketing. But what is viral marketing? Well, it's a way of getting your brand out there that is a bit more avant-garde.

Video filmIt usually includes an image, or more typically a video, that has very watchable content. Such as something funny or something with an element of danger. The company name or product usually isn't the star of the show as is revealed at the end. It's more about the feeling that the video creates in its viewers which then becomes psychologically linked to your brand by the completion of the production.

By entertaining folks first and promoting second, you give your potential customers something before you have asked for anything from them. Creating a positive association with your brand.

You also give them something that they can share, spreading your message even further.

Check out some of the best examples here on the web for some inspiration. But be careful, as some companies have had trouble with negative viral marketing as well.

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