Aeon is a geo-data management provider, offering integrated tech solutions for the oil and gas sectors. Advanced data navigation is at the heart of all we do and we understand, better than most, the importance of technology utilization in streamlining businesses. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to stay afloat during the pandemic, it’s crucial that you consider your relationship with the digital space – here’s how, presented by WebGuyNick.


Oftentimes, your business practices can be quickly and affordably upgraded via the adoption of new software and technology. It’s therefore important to ask yourself, ‘which of my methods could be considered outdated?’ By transitioning away from cumbersome analog operations to modern, tech solutions, you can often save money, time, and stress. Many warehouse and storage providers, for example, have been slow to embrace inventory management software, resulting in more inconvenient, accident-prone operations. Conversely, startups often make the mistake of overspending on unnecessary software, wasting up to 37% of their software budget. Finding the right balance is about understanding your business and its unique software requirements.


Domains, devs, and website maintenance are expensive, which is why over 30% of small businesses continue to evade hosting a site of their own. But the importance of having a central online hub for your business is difficult to overstate – this is your means to control information and branding, sell products, generate leads, and prove credibility. It’s also important for saving your business money – especially during a pandemic, consumers are increasingly drawn to the digital sphere and if you can transition accordingly, you may be able to do away with expensive office contracts or physical stocks in exchange for a cheaper, more convenient desktop set-up. If you’re in the majority and already own a site, it’s still important to adapt to growing online traffic and upgrade your site with blogs, conversion funnels, live chat functions, or contact forms. If you need help getting your website up to code, get in touch with WebGuyNick.

Social Media

Staying in contact and interacting with your clientele is a crucial aspect of managing a business and there are few better ways to do it than via social media. If you want to maximize your business opportunities during the pandemic, it’s worth pushing forward on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok, using regular updates to spread brand awareness, promote offers/new products, and generate new leads. Depending on your type of business, goals, and resources, some channels will have more appeal than others – Instagram, for example, is often a handy tool for restaurants, whereas B2B ventures may have more luck on Linkedin.


The internet can be used for more than just promoting your business and building your brand. For example, have you wanted to go back to school to finally earn the MBA you’ve always had your heart set on? If so, you can enroll in online classes to achieve this goal. What’s more, multiple start times throughout the year mean you can begin whenever your schedule allows. Not only will you feel great about your accomplishment, but you’ll also gain a wealth of knowledge that can help you successfully navigate your business toward success.


Sometimes, a few small branding tweaks can pivot a small business in a more profitable direction. This can mean changing the voice of your brand, the aesthetic or even updating the logo to make a stronger first impression. If you’re not well versed with design software, it may be worth looking for logo designers online via job platforms such as Upwork. From there, you can read through reviews, calculate delivery times and costs to ensure that whoever you hire is going to bring you value.

Physical Changes

Not all positive changes for a business take place in the digital space. Sometimes, it’s beneficial for a business to relocate, switch fulfillment providers or even reduce time remote working. There are always ways you can benefit from technological advancements but a savvy business person will recognize that you can’t lean too heavily on computers and that it’s often more logical to strike a balance. When updating your software, website, or social media channels, always try to simultaneously consider the physical changes you can make that will benefit your business.

Keeping business alive during the pandemic is no easy task, often, it’s a question of adaptability. If you want to stay afloat, you’ll need to be on your toes, willing to re-orientate your company’s direction in line with the times.

Image by Pexels

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