There are plenty of technological advantages that have developed that can significantly aid the progress of a business. One of these technological advantages is marketing software. Marketing software is a software that optimizes the process of gaining new leads, creating and executing marketing campaigns for audiences, and converting these leads.

To help you grow your business to new heights, marketing software is a great tool that can level up how you do your business. On that note, what are the important features of marketing software that business owners who haven’t used one before have to look out for?

Look no further than this article as it will provide you with the seven important features that any decent marketing software should have. Use this article as a guide before you purchase any marketing software and you will find the best marketing software for your business soon.

1. Marketing Data Analytics

Marketing campaigns and efforts rely heavily on research and data about customers or target audiences. When a marketing campaign launches without thought to the needs and wants of target customers, then it can end up a flop. Thus, decent marketers make sure that their campaigns are data-driven.

On that note, marketing software that you would want to install into your business are the ones that not only provide marketing data analytics but also provide the right ones that can help you optimize your business operations.

When you equip yourself with marketing data analytics, you will get to know your clientele better. You will understand which parts of the customer journey are most relevant to you. Thus, creating marketing efforts that actually hit the mark, both for your business goals but also in terms of what customers want from you.

2. Visual Editor

Although a lot of people don’t want this to be true, looks are an important part of marketing. Aside from that, first impressions usually last. Thus, it is important that upon opening your email, your clients should see visually appealing email structure.

The marketing software feature to look for to help with this problem are visual editors built into the software’s system. This way you don’t have to configure this task in another device and encounter portability issues.

3. Customer Relationship Management Functionality

Marketing is banking on your business’s relationship with its customers and it is important to be able to optimize the process of curating relationships because this process can take a lot of time and effort.

Luckily, lots of marketing software have CRM or customer relationship management functionalities included in it. CRM functionality improves relationships with customers and is a great contributor to a business’s higher conversion rate.

There are many tools in marketing software that address CRM issues which is an important feature relevant to all businesses, particularly spa and salon businesses.

4. Email Marketing Made Easy

Email marketing may feel like a relic of an older time but it still continues to be successful to this day. This is especially successful for more mature target audiences so investing in the right marketing software that incorporates email marketing strategy is still important.

Email marketing is a very good way to boost your customer acquisition, it can also provide help on remarketing, promo announcements and exclusives. This is why email marketing functionalities should always be on marketing software.

5. Social Media Integration

Social media platforms are a great medium for communication between business and their target clients. This is why marketing and advertising professionals always try to shift from traditional to more digital marketing and advertising efforts.

With that said, your marketing software should have the capability to integrate social media into its system. This can help optimize the process of engaging with clients and improving customer relationships.

Social media is an important avenue for businesses to capitalize on and it is the key to personalizing customer experiences.

6. Real-Time Alerts Capability

Back in the day, metrics and other analytical reports are often made after compiling data through a certain period of time. It provides a macro view of the business’s dealings but it isn’t very effective in addressing problems as they happen.

With real-time alerts, you address the issues with monthly reports. You will be able to view what areas of your business are lagging behind and which ones may need your utmost attention right at the moment.

Thus, if you are looking for marketing software to better your business then look for one that has real-time alert capabilities included.

7. Autoresponders (Automation)

Technology has improved so much in the last couple of years that it has automated a lot of business processes for people. This trend of automation is evolving still and one of the results of this evolution are autoresponders.

Autoresponders are artificial intelligence coded or programmed to respond with pre-made messages based on the inquiries of people. It can save you a lot of time from answering frequently asked questions and can improve your response rate overall.

Simply gather FAQs and set up an auto-response for each question and you are good to go.

8. Analytics & Reports

Mentioned beforehand is the need for marketers to have data on-hand to create truly masterful and effective marketing campaigns and having the right ones to boot. On that note, marketing software does not only include marketing data reports but also other important analytics relevant to your business.

It can keep track of inventory levels. It can give you supply reports to let you know which products, based on historical data, will need a restock to keep up with previous demands. There are also sales-relevant reports and more.

There are many more reports available like this that aren’t only marketing focused. Thus, if you plan on purchasing a marketing software for your business, look through the analytics it is able to provide so you know which ones are right for your business goals.

9. Paid Search

It is vital for a business to invest in marketing efforts from different channels to be able to reach the right audiences. However, the problem with this is that it can be quite a hassle to keep moving back and forth between these marketing and advertising channels.

If you are looking for marketing software, then do look at its external program integration capabilities. When all of these programs are seamlessly integrated into one source, you can have an easier time managing all channels in one place.

This way, you gain a better perspective on your paid search channels specifically and your marketing campaign efforts generally.

10. Content Marketing

Content marketing is crucial to the improvement of your engagement in your business’s websites. The task of leading customers to your website is one thing, but making them stay for a long while is another. This is why content marketing is the key to keeping customers engaged with your brand.

Marketing software can help make this process easier and optimizes the content marketing efforts of your business.

11. Compliance Is An Important Feature

When investing in marketing software, make sure that the software that you choose avoids spreading and sending spam emails to your client base. This is not good for your business and for your customer base as well.

Make sure your software complies with this so that your company is not associated with spamming. Plus, your emails won’t filter out of the inboxes of your clients.

Whether you are a spa or a salon business owner, no matter which clientele you serve, you can save time and effort when you have the right marketing software in your toolbox. Zensoft, a salon marketing software Philippines provider, is an excellent addition to your business and will be instrumental to the leveling up of your business.

Nonetheless, whatever software you choose, it is crucial that you make sure that they have the right features and that they align well with your business type and how you do your business. With the features listed above, you will be well-prepared for any marketing obstacle headed your way to make sure your chosen software has these capabilities.

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