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Monetizing your blog is something that a lot of people are looking to do, but everyone is capable of achieving. Before we get started taking a look at how you can go about making your blog profitable, it is important to note that this won?t be an overnight process. Your blog is much like a small business in that it will take time to build up a based on regular users and regular income streams. However, there are ways to get started and we are going to look at those now.

Digital Marketing

First of all, as mentioned above the process of making money through your blog requires building up a readership. One of the best ways to do that is by utilizing digital marketing tools to attract people. We are going to look at methods that require little financial input from you, but there are alternative options that you might want to look into that can help you if you want to speculate to accumulate.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is something that all websites should be making the most of and is the practice of making your site have greater visibility online, particularly in organic search results. Organic in this case means unpaid listings on the result pages of Google and co. Some SEO plans can be incredibly intricate, but to get you started we are going to look at just the basics.

One of these methods is by making the most of keywords. These are the words and phrases that search engines will look for on your website or blog when someone searches terms related to your content. You can use free keyword planner tools to help you understand what you need to include on your site. One word of advice is to avoid using too many keywords because this can be seen as spamming by the ?crawlers? search engines send out and thus be counterproductive.

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Making Money

Turning your blog into a profit making website is going to be tricky, but so long as you persevere then there are plenty of opportunities open to you. It is possible to turn a humble blog into a website that hires staff and generates significant income, but that won?t be the dream for everyone starting out on this journey.

It?s a little bit like if you are someone interested in investments. The average personal trader is going to make small investments and gradually build up a portfolio. However, a larger business is going to want to use algorithmic trading to make much larger trades and bigger profit margins. In the same way, someone who just likes to blog about film as a hobby can make a small amount of money that will be a bonus, whereas others will be interested in taking their passion and turning it into a business with greater income that allows them to grow.

So consider investing small in your blog to start off with before building yourself up to the demands of trading your words for high sums.

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