There?s an easier way to split test your landing pages and LP Jumper can show you how. LP Jumper is based on a scientific approach that will save hours of time and result in better conversion.

LP Jumper is an easy to use program that utilizes a WordPress plugin. It allows you to discover to what elements of your page visitors are reacting. Split testing is crucial for landing page design. You need to determine which pages are working and which aren?t, and you need to do it as quickly as possible. The plugin allows you to test multiple pages with a single mouse click. The simple user interface ensures you?ll be up and running in five minutes. No programming is required ? just upload and activate.

LP Jumper utilizes the power of WordPress as a content management system platform. It can create blog style landing pages, which are becoming more popular with affiliate marketers. You can split test multiple themes and landing pages with a single traffic source and discover how traffic is reacting to each page style. You can prioritize which landing page is performing best, eliminating hours or even days worth of time and effort.

The plugin in LP Jumper provides a variety of information on how any given page is performing, and gives you the ability to prioritize according to information you establish. Creating and testing multiple landing pages can cost you a fortune in lost time and real time dollars if you have to hire a programmer to create a system for you. The WordPress plugin in LP Jumper can do all that and more.

When you order LP Jumper, you?ll also receive LP Tracking, a powerful tutorial that teaches you how to track landing pages with free tools and services. You?ll learn about the best free click analytics system, how to read and understand LP dynamics and properly prioritize LP?s base on conversion.

If you order now, you?ll receive a number of valuable bonus materials including Affiliate Basics Videos that will walk you through every step of affiliate marketing. You?ll also receive the eBook, ?7 Ways to Hidden Affiliate Profits.? The eBook will show you how affiliate marketing can provide your business with a reliable, recurring income.

The CPA Wealth Blueprint video series will also be included. The 12-video course will demonstrate how you can profit from CPA networks. Last but not least, you?ll receive ?Affiliate Rescue,? a complete eBook course that will show you how to start a successful affiliate program no matter what your financial situation.

For a limited time only, you can purchase LP Jumper for just $27. You?ll be able to instantly download the WordPress plugin and immediately begin using it for your affiliate marketing strategies.
With LP Jumper, you won?t have to spend countless hours glued to your PC creating and testing small changes on multiple pages. You don?t need any special knowledge to utilize LP Jumper. Just install, activate and start split testing your landing pages. It?s that simple.

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