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Are you looking for the best types of videos for retaining customers? Once you have secured business, your work is not done. It is important to strengthen relationships with existing customers so that you can secure repeat business.

For most business types, repeat business is the most important. This part of the consumer life cycle phase is, of course, beyond the funnel. One Funnel Away can help you with creating a funnel for your ideas if you need further information on this. Below, we are going to take a look at the best types of videos for retaining customers in further detail.

Thank You Videos

One of the best ways to retain customers is to show your appreciation for them, and what better way to do this than with a thank you video? You need to show your consumers that they are just as important to you once they have purchased from your business as they were while you were trying to turn them into a customer.

A good example of a customer thank you is a video created by Constant Contact back in 2014. Why is it so effective? Well, not only does it show customers that they are special, but it also reminds them why they loved working with the brand. Another good example is the thank you video from Birchbox, which not only involves the company saying thank you to all customers, but also shares their favorite customer interactions from throughout the year. It is great because it shows employees talking about their favorite memories, which no doubt makes customers feel special.

As you have probably gathered, sharing these videos at the year-end is a good strategy, as you are reflecting on the year gone by. The aim of these videos should be to spread positivity; there should not be any overt selling purpose.

Show Additional Uses For Your Product

Once your customers have purchased your product, you can show them additional uses for it through a video. This adds value to the purchase the customer made, and it also shows your consumers that you still care about them.

This is something Oreo executed brilliantly in a 20-second video that shows followers how to make an Oreo banana cream pie using their biscuits. This is something that can easily be re-created for all food products, as well as other items, such as videos of different ways to wear a clothing garment or accessory, or different hairstyles that can be created with a hair styling product.

Embrace brand advocates

Use video production to give your customers a way of sharing their stories. By giving your customers a voice, you increase brand loyalty. This is something that Walt Disney Company did exceptionally well. They created a video of a father and daughter enjoying Disneyland, and they shared it on Facebook on Father’s Day, encouraging people to share the video with their ‘Disney Dad’ to remind him of how special he is.

Thousands of people shared the post, with many commenting on the video about the experience they had at Disneyland with their father. By doing this, Disney celebrated the experience their customers had, and, at the same time, they endeared themselves to other customers who wanted to have this experience.

To increase the chances of retaining customers and generating a loyal consumer base, incorporate the video content mentioned above into your marketing strategy. As they say, ‘work never ends’, and if you stop trying once you have turned a lead into a customer, you are going to find that they walk straight into the hands of the competition next time around.

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