Technology is playing a bigger and bigger part in almost all industries now. Being tech-savvy is incredibly useful in many career paths, and skills like web design and coding ability are becoming more and more valuable to employees. If you’re wondering what new skill you should try to learn (perhaps during lockdown now you have more time!), then why not consider learning to code? Here are the top reasons why everyone should learn to code. 

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  1. Coding can lead to software development jobs. Coding is absolutely essential for jobs in software development. Software developers are in high demand worldwide, so learning to code can be a great way to find a simple route in a field of work with lots of job opportunities. 
  2. Coding can open up other job opportunities. For smaller start-up businesses, hiring someone purely to manage your coding and web design might not be best financial choice. This means that if you have coding in your skillset, you will have an easier time finding jobs related to field, such as marketing, PR, or content creation. 
  3. Coding makes your job application stand out. Even if you apply for a job that doesn’t have much to do with coding, it’s still seen as a very useful skill. By having some knowledge of it, you can automatically get a boost over the competition. As well as being seen as a useful skill to have, learning to code also shows that you are hardworking and willing to put in the work on your own time to develop. 
  4. Coding can help you to understand other areas of tech. Coding literacy can help in other ways too. It can help you to learn other areas of tech much quicker, as you’ll have a better idea of how things work. When you’ve found the best way to learn python, for example, you can apply the same knowledge to other coding languages and aspects of tech. Being more digitally fluent is always going to be a benefit. 
  5. Coding could lead to freelance work. If you’d like to go freelance or have the freedom to work while traveling, then coding could be the best way to do this. Coding is a highly valued skill, which means that lots of companies are willing to outsource this kind of work. As a skilled coder, you can create your own schedule and have have the freedom to work from anywhere, while earning a nice rate at the same time. 
  6. Coding can allow you to pursue passion projects. Coding is a great skill to learn if you’re the kind of person who has a lot of ideas and wants to start acting on these ideas right away. You won’t have to look elsewhere to find a coder, which you save you both time and money. It also means you can change and redesign as many times as you want as you develop your ideas, without running up a higher bill with the coder you have hired. 

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