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Advertising is everywhere. When we turn on any of the screens that we use constantly in our daily lives, it is there. On our TVs in the form of commercial breaks and product placement within movies and TV shows, through to our phones and our laptops where every webpage we open will have several ads placed throughout. 

You are potentially exposed to thousands of ads each day. Many of these you will not even notice. We can very often develop ad blindness, overexposed to constant messages, and many of which bare little relevance to our lives. 

If you run a business and are wanting to place the type of advert that is less likely to get overlooked and is more likely to land on the screen of someone who will have use for it, then programmatic advertising may be for you. 

What Is Programmatic Advertising?

Simply put, programmatic advertising is a form of advertisement that is automatically targetted toward relevant people. Ads are bought automatically and are then placed using complicated and evolved algorithms. The ads can appear at the times that the specific individuals for whom they are aimed will be online and can be targetted for the type of device that they are most likely to use. 

Programmatic advertising is adaptable and is capable of learning and tweaking your advertising campaign as it sees fit in order to maximize your overall marketing goals. 

What Data Does Programmatic Advertising Use?

Using key demographics and other information such as personal interests and browsing and shopping habits, it is possible to get a clear understanding of what types of products and offers will appeal to a certain person. 

This data can be obtained by your company directly, and you can use data from companies with whom you share synergy in order to provide complimentarily product offerings.  In addition to this, third-party datasets can be bought, however, the effectiveness of this information may not be as good as with the first and second party sets. 

Managing And Adapting Your Campaign

As with any form of campaign, you’ll be looking for a marketing dashboard to provide your performance data. Understanding how an ad campaign is performing is essential as it lets you know whether your eggs are in the right basket. 

The beauty of programmatic advertising is that algorithms manage your ad buys as they go meaning that they are always learning from the way that users have interacted with the ads previously.


In any form of marketing, it can be useful to run A/B testing to compare and contrast different concepts in order to see where your strengths and weakness lay in each idea. These tests can be shown to different audiences with similar backgrounds, and the way that the ads are interacted with can indicate a preference for one of the options. This can then automatically be substitute for the remainder of the campaign. This will then lead you to a much greater degree of success.

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