Social media can take many forms and the newest incarnation is Pinterest, an exclusive, invitation only pin board where members can share and organize the things that pique their interest. From the zaniest pet pictures to the ?invisible children? of Africa, Pinterest provides a worldwide online community with a forum to share the latest joke or advocate for a favorite cause.

People come across interesting, unique and even bizarre items they want to share and Pinterest provides a forum where members can ?pin? pictures, add videos, and include links to items of interest. The site features over 30 categories from which to choose, including humor, travel, people, pets and apparel.

Users can repin images to their own board, ?like? and comment on the various postings. Members can create their own pin boards on any topic and add as many pins as they wish. Users can follow and unfollow specific users and boards at any time. Pinterest offers members a forum for self-expression and discovery in photos. When a picture is pinned to a board, Pinterest automatically creates a link back to where it originated.

Those who wish to experience Pinterest for themselves can request an invitation on the website. New users can also be invited by someone who is already a member. When an invitation is received, the recipient can register via Facebook or connect through Twitter. Users of mobile devices can download the Pinterest app for the iPhone from the Apple App Store. The site provides ?follow? buttons and the Pinterest logo that can be placed on member websites.

For those seeking a special gift, Pinterest contains a wealth of user suggestions, with prices ranging from $1 to $500 and over. Members looking for a rare, unique or unusual gift will find pins of original abstract artwork and French furnishings, along with haute couture fashions and precious gems. Individuals can also use the pins on Pinterest to garner ideas for planning a dream wedding, decorating a new home or world travel. Members can find ways to build a personalized terrarium, locate easy gourmet recipes and find rare plant seeds.

Pinterest adds an exciting new dimension to the way people share the things they like and find interesting, from feline political candidates and worthwhile causes to one-of-a-kind heirlooms, the site opens a myriad of opportunities for sharing, communicating ideas, and highlighting social issues. Pinterest members excel at finding humor in life and the site offers users anywhere in the world with an easy way to start the day with a smile.

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