MediaTrust has announced the release of PerformanceExchange?, an online CPC bidding platform that helps marketers extend their search for customers. PerformanceExchange? searches for relevant advertising offers, providing marketers with access to campaigns that result in superior conversions.

Using proprietary CPC bidding and a custom delivery system, PerformanceExchange? generates text ads of the winning bidders. Advertisers only pay for quality customers that are successfully delivered to their landing pages. The PerformanceExchange? system can deliver custom ads over a variety of avenues, with a focus on emails containing dynamic content.

Emails are targeted and delivered to consumers who have opted to receive particular types of offers. They?re delivered within graphically compelling media created by MediaTrust. Emails are monitored closely to comply with CANSPAM, ensuring they?re only delivered to customers who will be most responsive to a specific type of ad.

PerformanceExchange? provides all the tools needed to set up the system and manage campaigns with a minimum of effort. The platform supports cost per action (CPA) and cost per lead (CPL) campaigns. It can be used with display, search, social media and email campaigns. Marketers set their own budgets for each campaign.

MediaTrust has access to unique advertisers that offer high-paying campaigns. The platform helps advertisers identify high-paying campaigns that match the user?s geographic target and promotional methods. Landing pages and test campaigns receive constant testing for optimum conversions.

PerformanceExchange? provides a tailored dashboard that can be customized. Tools and resources are provided to allow users to track and manage their campaign statistics in real time. The Stats Reporting API enables marketers to work with advertisers within the system, automate interactions, and access payouts and landing pages for individual campaigns.

MediaTrust provides excellent support with PerformanceExchange?. Experienced professionals are available to help with questions and promotional aspects that will result in the best conversions for individual campaigns. A referral program is also offered.

The platform provides advertisers with a no-risk means of advertising. Advertisers pay nothing unless they achieve the desired results. Industry professionals aid advertisers with increasing traffic, data monetization and communicating with consumers in a more effective manner.

The PerformanceExchange? platform by MediaTrust provides a superior means of reaching targeted consumers that are most receptive to particular types of products and services. MediaTrust provides the tools, technology and access to quality advertisers for success. The system also benefits advertisers with a cost effective means of advertising that only delivers their brand and message to targeted customers.

Sales inquires can be emailed to, publisher and affiliate inquires can be directed to, and business development inquiries should be addressed to More information can be obtained by visiting the website at

Update: MediaTrust Announces $3 Million in Funding, New Hires to Support GrowthFinancial and human capital investments support the launch of the company?s performance-based advertising exchange platform

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