If there is one thing all businesses need in the current digital age, it is quality content. If you do not have the capacity to produce this in-house, you are going to need to use a content marketing agency. It does not matter what approach you use, so long as the end result is content that is engaging, interesting, and optimised for search engine success. You won’t be able to have a good online presence if you don’t have great content.


The importance of quality content

Content marketing services are successful because they engage with a clear target audience; those who are likely to purchase your products. This is why they are one of the best approaches if you are looking to take your channel marketing strategy to the next level. It’s also effective because in comparison to the likes of e-mail spamming and TV adverts it is a non-interruption form of marketing. You’re not telling the viewer they need to buy your products. Instead, you are giving them the information they require in order to make informed decisions regarding the type of things you sell. The aim being that this intelligence will lead them to purchase from your site. Of course, this means that quality content is imperative for this strategy to work. This is especially the case when you take into account the stringent ranking criteria Google have put into place with Panda and Penguin updates. Poor quality content is picked up on and instantly ranked lower. Gone are the days whereby you could simply duplicate content and stuff it with keywords to get to the top of Google. If you do this, your site will end up being punished, therefore, having an extremely detrimental impact on your overall presence. Therefore, don’t settle for anything less than the best when choosing your content marketing agency or indeed writing your own content.

Choose a good content marketing agency

Using a content marketing agency allows you to increase the level of trust between yourself and the customer. Search engines love quality content. They will rank you higher up on their pages. And those websites which feature on the first page of Google (especially the first three results) are always deemed to be more trustworthy by the searcher. Statistics back this up too. Content Plus state that 63 per cent of customers trust blogs over magazines when it comes to being given direction over purchasing. Content marketing services will help you to generate more traffic through increased visibility. You get a bigger slice of the online pie. And it doesn’t take rocket science to work out why. After all, you will be generating more pages and more links. A company with a blog will receive more inbound links than others and in-turn more site visitors too.

The statistics back up the argument

Research shows that the consumer prefers content marketing too. Seven in ten people would prefer to get to know a business through articles rather than advertising. In fact, quality content is ranked in the top three reasons as to why individuals follow brands on Twitter. Your brand awareness will evidently soar through quality SEO content marketing services. Every piece of content published works to increase brand recognition and identity. The content you post must match in with your brand and the products or services you sell. If it is informative, engaging, enjoyable and creative then your target customer base will be thoroughly impressed. You will gain more and more relevant followers and customers for your business. The content marketing agency will not only ensure that the articles are relevant to your company but they will be posted in the right places too.

As you can see, the case for content marketing is a very strong one and it is something you simply cannot afford to ignore in the current day and age. If you do not have quality content, you are only going to fall behind the competition. If you do not have the capacity to create this in-house, it is certainly worth looking for a company that can provide it for you, but make sure you choose with care. Read reviews to get a good understanding.

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