Owning a small business is an accomplishment to be proud of. You?ve worked hard to get it off the ground and build relationships with customers. Take a breather and let it all sink in before you proceed to where you?re heading in the future.

After deciding it?s time to expand, start taking the proper steps to make your dream a reality. There?ll be a lot of work ahead and you have to be certain it?s the right time to make your move. Timing is important when it comes to tackling big career moves like this one. See what you need to grow your small business.


Once you decide you?re moving forward with growing your business, you have to be fully committed. This means sticking it out through thick and thin. It?s not going to be easy and there will be hiccups along the road. You have to have a fighting spirit and be willing to stop at nothing until you make it happen. Motivate yourself by remembering why you started in the first place and use your willpower to march forward with confidence.

Customers & Connections

Start networking early and getting involved with the right people who can help and support you. You?re going to have a lot of questions along the way and will want trusted people in your corner who you can bounce ideas off of. You?re also going to need your customers to come along on the ride with you. That?s why it?s so important to build loyal customers in the beginning stages. You want to know that people are going to come back time and time again and purchase your products or services. You, along with the people who?ve helped bring you this far are going to be key in helping you get to the next step.


If you don?t have one already, this is definitely the time you want to work on building a company website or making the current one even better. A website is a great tool for building brand awareness and a resource for customers to turn to when they have questions or concerns. Be sure to include sliders, beautiful images and content your audience can relate to. Having a striking website will make it easier for customers to find you online and get their questions answered without even needing to contact you. Use your website as a marketing tool to increase sales and collect new contact information. Hire professional help to assist you if you?re not skilled in building websites.

Marketing Plan

Branding is key to expanding your business. You need customers to recognize you right away and see you as having a strong, positive reputation. Marketing and sales will be your saving grace when it comes to growing your business. Use social media, advertisements and marketing automation to drive more results. If you run a small business, it can be hard to stay connected with customers when you?re trying to keep up with items on your to-do list. Automation software helps you find your audience, engage your customers and build your brand. This is especially helpful for businesses who don?t have a lot of resources or time to be spent sending out email messages one by one. In any case, be sure you?re making consistent touchpoints with current, past and potential customers.


You aren?t going to get anywhere without having the sales numbers to prove it. This is the stage where you need to be honest with yourself and determine if it?s the right time to expand your business. Make sure your sales are scalable and have the momentum to bring you the numbers you need to grow. The proof needs to be there before you move forward. It?s not a good idea to hope that your sales will turn around in the future. Crunch the facts and figures and do an honest analysis of where you?re at and where you?d like to be. If it?s too early, step back and figure out what you need to change to improve your numbers.

Hardworking Employees

The time has come to evaluate the resources in your business and see what you?re going to need to take you to the next level. Likely, you?ll require more employees to help you reach your goals. There?ll be more tasks to handle and customer requests that start rolling in. Do it the right way and come up with policies, procedures and job descriptions before you start bringing people through your doors. You?re going to want to hire the right people for the role and trust that they?ll do a great job for you. This is the time where you?re going to want to start delegating tasks and letting go. You?re the owner, but that doesn?t mean you have to do it all anymore. Growing your business gives you the opportunity to focus on strategy level decisions.


This isn?t going to happen for you overnight. Growing your business is a process and it?s a good idea to remain patient. It?s okay to be excited, but try not to get ahead of yourself. There are a lot of steps to complete and work to be done before you successfully expand your business. Talk to other entrepreneurs and small business owners who?ve been through it and get their advice. Learn all you can before you embark on the project. Remember that one bad day doesn?t mean your entire future is falling apart. Stay levelheaded and manage your stress along the way. You?ll be encountering and working with a lot of people throughout your journey and will want to present yourself in the best light possible.


Being a small business owner comes with its perks and struggles. If all is going well, it?s a good chance to stop and think about the future of your company. Expanding your production is an option, but comes with a lot of responsibility and tough decisions you have to be willing to make. This is what you need to grow your small business.

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