1. When you want to buy something, ask yourself ?Do I need it?? If you think you do, then wait. Don?t buy on impulse. Write the object of your desire on a piece of paper and pin it to the wall. Look at it every day for a week. If, at the end of the week, you still think you need it, then consider purchasing it.
  2. Travelers should never leave their wallets or any identifying documents in their hotel rooms when they're not there.
  3. Join a credit union. Don?t just sign up for a random bank giving away t-shirts or frisbees at registration. Track down a credit union in town, or do some research
  4. Keep your bills, bank statements and receipts all in one place. Organize them by month and by category (rent, bills, expenses, and keep them in a safe place. Make sure to go over your bank statement carefully and keep all ATM receipts. Consider having your bank return cashed checks to you or at least ensure that you can see copies of all cashed checks online.

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